Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update 1 of 2

YES. I look like a crazy person because no I am not getting married, but let me explain.....


Ok I cant really explain past I really really wanted to try one on.. so there.
 But this picture remains as one of my favorite of myself and my beautiful friend (who is in fact getting married)

In fact!
Her Bridal Shower was this past weekend and her twin sis (Underwood of course) and I put on a the event at their parents giant house.

The party was interesting to say the least girls. Social etiquette is a rare thing I tell ya!
 I wont go into all the details and missteps, but I will say this much:

The Maid of Honor and Myself started out VERY pleased with ourselves and the party!

The cake I decorated for the day was an attempt to copy the inspiration I got from blog I am Baker

Beautiful Bride to be!

Her Grandma won the TP Dress competition :)

The girls
(Bride to be top right, Maid of Honor in purple on bottom right and myself far right (being a lady in my new dress) otherwise known as the "Tripod")

The party was to be from 11-1pm on Saturday.
we had games, food (TONS in fact) decorations, prizes, music, drinks, and anything else we could think of!

But the party just... kept... going?
It was odd really. No one wanted to go lol.
The group was a small group of girls the bride to be chose personally to keep it just her closest friends

But ladies it was time to GO!

Shit man. I started to clean up after awhile as a clue.. it was now WELL past one and it isnt that the girls were even having a blast.. everyone just kinda sat there and looked to Underwood and I for.. what? I dont know lol. We brought the day to a close SEVERAL times offering the party favors in their pretty boxes and did all our "thank you for comings", and still no one left.
 THEN! Hope! Their Grandmother decided to be the first. Surely the other girls would feel ok leaving now that someone has "started it" you know sometimes that helps..?

But no.

(bomb Oreo balls Underwood hand crafted I'll get the recipe!)

Ladies please don't do this to party throwers lol.
The family wanted their house back for the love of sam! I was late for another meeting which I thought I safely scheduled two and a half hours after the party should have ended...

 So then Underwood and I became Oh So Annoyed and put at a loss..
How in the hell do you kick people out? Nicely of course?

Underwood announced that when he son arrived she and the bride to be needed to leave to get him fit for his tux for the big day.
Well, he arrived and still they sat.


Baby of the Family~ Knows when to leave
"Now, Ms. Ruth was a lady.. and ladies always know when to leave" - Fried Green Tomatoes


  1. hahaha this is such a sweet post. Good for you for having a little fun and going with it! Wedding dresses and wedding everything is so much fun!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls

  2. Yikes-one should always know when to leave! This party looks divine though, so who could blame them? And you pulled off the rose cake to PERFECTION-I'm so impressed!

    Can't wait to read Recap No. 2!

  3. haha ok, i love you tired on a wedding dress and can i just say that cake is amazing... i can't believe you made that... it is amazing (wait I already said that)

  4. those orea balls look amazing.........

  5. I can't wait to take you to that movie "Bridesmaid" I think you will be able to relate to the extreme. You are a great friend and turning into an even better baker. And I think people that don't know when its time to leave should be escorted out.. ha ha Thanks for the post.