Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feelin' Lucky!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Loves!

I am as Irish as I can possibly get living in the United States, and well.. by also being Austrian French and Polish, let’s not forget Bohemian too!

I feel so lucky to have the family I have and the pride they take in where we come from.

I am so lucky for so many other things in my life. Too many to count even. It is easy to only notice the bad, or the frustrating because if you let it those feelings have a way of really lingering around you. For the past several years I have made my St. Patrick’s Day less about getting trashed like popular tradition, and more focused on all the ways I am lucky

Fun Buckley Family History! (ok fine, fun for me)

My Grandpas father came over from Ireland when he was twelve years old from County Cork to Chicago! My Grandpa loves Chicago, and all his memories there where he met my Grandmother and with his buddies. My Grandpa still listens to old Irish military songs, and songs about the war and struggle. Irish magazines paper their tables, and anything that can sport a Celtic knot in their home does, right down to their coasters HA! My Grandma was a Fitzgerald before she married a Buckley. They have both kissed the Blarney Stone, and both have rings with the family crest on them from Ireland.

I am so happy that I am Irish! I love the different pieces of heritage that makes me who I am. But the Irish is what stands out to me, and gives me that extra “oomph” I think ;)

All the names in my family are Catholic names, Robert (but who has always been a Bobby), Amanda (I’m actually not sure about these first two lol? huh), Peter (obvs), and Mary (hello!), and mine Bridgette is actually not the way I legally spell my name.. I know odd..

My legal name is Bridget (the extra “te” at the end kinda came out of nowhere, I think my mom thought it was prettier or something lol) I was named after Saint Bridget of Ireland (there is also a Swedish St. Bridget-she’s coo too) St. Bridget of Ireland is also referred to as the “Mary of Ireland”. She is popularly known for the crosses made out of wheat from the fields she handed out to people, and children.

As you may have read in previous posts, I can defiantly see living in Ireland one day surrounded by the lush green rolling hill sides, and stone walls. I mostly look forward to an accent I am sure to pick up quickly, as I am a dialect chameleon

I hope you all have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day today!

Baby of the Family~ Watch out she pinches!


  1. I think a moment of reflection about your luck is far superior to getting trashed today! I love hearing your family history, so bring on more stories!

  2. happy st. patti's day to you too!