Monday, March 7, 2011

The Project

My "Project" has been this: Find the Bucket List I made a few years ago.

Wee back story: My dear bestie and I worked together a few years back and would have some of the most hilarious, interesting, and wonderful emails to each other that read more like comedy scrips or pen pal letters between long distance friends...

In one email forgetting now whose idea it was hers or mine, I excepted the challenge to create my Bucket List. Re Reading this I realize I am perhaps a little strange with almost unreasonable goals in life..

I have have changed some in my mental list, but kept this one the exact same as when I wrote it...
 Somethings have been removed in my minds list, and something have been added..
   I'd LOVE love love to have people either put their list in their post, or email me with their lists too! I may feature some of them :) Either top three or as you can see however many you want to list is fine by me !!!
(The ones that have Stars **** next to them are ones I can check off as done!!)

Learn a foreign language fluently

Visit New Zealand and Australia (live out my secret love for Mary Kate and Ashley movies)

Live in New York, London, England and Ireland with Mary Grace of course

Live in Venice, Italy as a muse to an artist

Have a movie made from a chapter of my life, or families.

Be On E! True Hollywood Story about either Mary or Bobby

Have a great and secret love affair, that only my grandchildren will know about when they uncover my box of love letters in my attic

Surf. Well

Swim with dolphins, and sea turtles

Find the dang end of a rainbow already

Spend a year on a ranch in Montana and ride horses and feed chickens in the morning and swim in ponds in the afternoon (sort of a Sarah Plain and tall deal)

Attend a premier with Mary as the star and head lines read "Who cares about Mary Kate and Ashley when you have Mary Grace and Bridgette" then go HA! to them and point...

Make a cheesy sister movie with Mary much like MK and Ash and Hilary and Hailey Duff (Because... why not?)

Market and help Bobby when he is on tour and be at Alicia's beck and call for massages and keeping an eye on the boys

Massage someone famous that can't live without their regular appointments with me

Play the digery do, spoons, and harmonica modestly well
To be in a Guess ad campaign

To become a great Photographer and camp for two years around the world taking pictures for LifeTime magazine, and National Geographic

Go on a pilgrimage with my family thru jungles in South America, camp with my mom where she lives in Africa, and tour the temples around the world.

Be in a music video...accidentally
Stay at the camp site of the Donnar Party

Hike many Mountains/hold my own in rock climbing

Plant trees

Get Married to someone so totally perfect for me that I don't even mind being married to them, and they want to travel with me...

Get married to this man in a French garden of an old author friend of mine (wink wink)

Find my favorite place and perhaps have a child or two or nine, and live modestly of my riches...

Dance at everyone of my brothers' and sisters weddings, and rock it out
Go to Egypt with my children in the summer, and picnic at the pyramids- (this was the inspiration behind the picture last week!)

Give a massage that would mellow Woody Allen

Be asked to be apart of the UN and respectfully decline

Comfort Barbara Walters while she cries...
Suggest Oprah read my friends book, and have it become one of the most read pieces of literature to date (eat that Shakespeare!)

Be "Crazy Aunt B" to all my friends children and families children, have them visit me wherever I am, during their breaks and come back with wild stories and secrets to keep from mom and dad. :) ****

Sit Madonna down and speak with her openly and create a "mirror" conversation that leads to many of her own self discoveries
Build my own home traveling somewhere with Peter and live in it :)

Retire writing fortunes in the cookies sold at an upscale restaurant a friend owns on the cost, and taking photographs

Own my own dance studios where all my beautiful nieces will go (I'm sure I'll have a niece at some point right?)

Attend my mothers award night as she is recognized for one or all of the amazing things she has done, and is sure to continue to do.

Go to Mass Peter gives (if he chooses) ***-kinda

Find the secret garden and then never tell a soul where it is. My secret now

Have an Irish folk song about me that lasts thru the times people only sing during really happy times, like a wedding... or happy hour

Take an oil painting class

Spend a short time in a small town in Europe as a food critic for a local paper, living in a rented room at a vineyard of some kind, eating drinking wine and smoking at my typewriter in the shade... while a sheep dog runs around and leaves rustle above me. I am slightly annoyed by the dog but ultimately my only friend as I am very hard on the local chefs and make few friends...

Learn to spell perfectly

Never drink soda again

Go to a fantastically small town in the south make a splash and then leave! never to be seen or heard from again :) (kinda Too Wang Foo Love Julie Newmare-ish)
Never be 43. ***- so far so good!

Be able to fix a car
Drive stick
Own a good amount of fabulous shoes I might only wear once, but leave in my will to my daughters and granddaughters that have always admired them.
Having lived in Ireland pick up and maintain an accent

After the Italian artist passes away tragically, one work of art I am in is hung in galleries all over the world and then as a souvenir post card that is given to me in a used book by a stranger, not realizing its me... (ooo goose bumps huh full circle moment.. that one will be cool)

Become an effortlessly wonderful baker **** I think so :)

Harvest Pineapples in Hawaii

Swim in a handful of beautiful waterfalls

Be able to recognize a flower by the scent

Create the perfect evil laugh, or cackle if you will

Dance barefoot at a Jack Johnson concert

High five Bono

Sit at Elton Johns piano, wearing his sunglasses, in the dark. (I don't know why)

Master essential oils, and aromatherapy

Be a regular at the Strawberry Festival, and Rose Festival

Find a four leaf clover

Figure out Stone Hedge and chuckle because the answer is right there staring at you in the face... **** yep believe it

Commit a crime in Amsterdam, get away with it, and only tell those friends willing to take it to the grave.. no killings or anything ...but you know..

Go Para sailing

Let Mary convince me to jump out of a plane
Fly a kite successfully

Find the "Full House" house in San Fran and sigh..****

Swim a channel... which one? I don't know tbd

When I'm old spray an un expecting kid in the face with the hose when I'm watering my yard.

Sooooo what is on your list!?


  1. Your bucket list is too good, and so very funny! I'll admit, I don't have one yet-I think I'm just taking stuff as it comes right now!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a great, and hilarious list! One of mine is also to be a photographer for the National Geographic ;) x