Tuesday, March 29, 2011


thanks to my bombtastic iPhone

and in Az it will only last a week so look alive people!!
This weekend is going to be packed with funness.. yes.. fun..ness.
First of all each morning I wake up to these beautiful flowers I bought for meself makes me oh so happy! That's step one of course
the rest of the steps I hope will fall into place as I bake (more? I know!)
 hold babies,
get some moola,
await my license (yes finally stopped being a chicken shit and sent in for it)
plans birthday surprises ;)
plan my escape
and slumber in fresh sheets while I catch up on my Bewicthed NetFlix arrivals.

Yeah about that.
I am suddenly (ok not so sudden but more than usual) obsessed with black and white tv.
it started with Seasons one and two of I Love Lucy.. which did me proud.. but you start to kinda get the point after the second season not that it ever stopped me from laughing so loud I woke up my sleeping cat.

But now I am onto NetFlixing Bewitched and I LOVE it. Although I am sad for the poor woman across the street.. oh Ms. Abbott will you always think your nuts?

I am also finding the way the marriages used to work back then appealing. Don't get me wrong I am all about the r.e.s.p.e.c.t, and equal partnerships. But there was something about it that was just.. simple. and nice. like.. I'd love to stay home clean like the dickens make a BOMB meal and by dresses, and serve on "Woman's committees" what the hell did they do on those? I don't know but I think I would give them a run for their money is all I am sayin.

Yeah I know.. fun for a week.. maybe a month. But then I'd get bored.. and more like Lucy and cause a fuss about any 'ol thing..

I have been so busy its down right wrong at this point. I have heard myself say "sure why not" more than I'd care to in any span of time.
Which results in more sloppy hair days..

Exhibit A:

but also I need to messy to hide the GRAY! Yes I have found FOUR more Silver hairs this week.. I think its my work giving them to me.. BLAST YOU! Can my hair coloring be a workmans comp kinda deal? please?
Exhibit B:

Alright peeps expect mucho baking posts on Sunday.. or Monday.. like late Monday.. hey man just trying to keep it real

(And one more thing: I am about half way thru the blogs I need to read up on WOOOOW there was a lot I missed and took me a good three hours to catch up on the first half.. why are there so many interesting and hilarious cant miss posts out there! Slack off guys your killing me!)


  1. I am excited to see all the baking photos. Sounds like a wonderful way to relax and spend a nice weekend.

  2. There's nothing better/worse than catching up on all your reads-just a day or two and it feels like you have no idea what anyone's been up to! Can't wait to hear all about your weekend-enjoy spring!

  3. I feel like summer robbed spring.. but I am sneezing more so maybe it is spring.. I'm confused but I love your flowers... makes me think of happy thoughts!