Monday, March 14, 2011

too long for one post.. POST TWO!

I am sure you are all keeping up with recent developments in Japan and around the world. This picture just makes my soul hurt.

When the news came up on the Yahoo scroll I headed over to right away to find out more, and started to try and research which groups, or volunteer committees were helping to aide those in need. I didn't find much locally then, at that point we (the USA) were sending troops over and search and rescue teams with search dogs too.

This is a familiar feeling I have. As far back as I can remember I have felt a calling to help people when tragedy strikes.

Have you guys ever seen that commercial with an older British gentlemen walking around a town in poverty in Africa? It is a Christan ad I know that much.

Well it was on a lot when I was a kid and I can remember sitting on my stairs looking around our (new and giant) home and wondering if I would be embarrassed to send my babysitting money (it was only $12.00) since it isn't much.. or if I'd feel more embarrassed to not EVEN send what I had. I decided to send it and received a letter back thanking me for my donation.

I was sooo thrilled! I thought for weeks what if someone would open it and laugh at my contribution. But they didn't! They welcomed it! (and supplied another envelope to send more.. of course lol)
But it was the first time I KNEW the help I was giving..

When I was even younger my Aunt Mary (not blood related, but my moms best friend in the world) babysat me and also started up a homeless shelter in Phx (in conjection with our church St. Timothy's of Mesa, which also started the Life Teen program now in millions of churches around the world.. pretty neat.. I love that church.. can you tell? lol). The shelter is called Paz De Cristo. It is now one of the largest and busiest shelters in Az. And has a very long wait list to be able to go and volunteer... which is pretty awesome that they have so many people wanting to help!

But back then it was a few women who volunteered along with my Aunt, and I (thank you very much) was in charge of stirring all things not on the stove, and handing out ketsup and mustard in the food line. When I was older I was allowed to be promoted to picking up and clearing the plates while people stayed ate, chatted, and handed out little care bags (which incl'd toothpaste, soap ect..)

I now know looking back what an awesome experience that was that my Aunt gave to me. But to me  it wasn't volunteer work.. it was super cool "big kid" work. There was tons of laughter in that kitchen with the ladies I loved, and I was apart of it.. that's all I really knew or cared about.

Now that I am older I have continued to volunteer knowing the value and importance for both myself and the ones that it helps.

I am also wondering if my ocd multi tasking, and heightened calmness in times of stress or emergency, and my call to want to help those in need should be funnelled into a job for me.

I really think I'd be good at Search and Rescue, or perhaps in the holding shelters when people are displaced from their homes, there are so many avenues to help. Obviously this is some what of a part time thing since it is not (thankfully, but starting to feel like) an everyday occurance.

Have you ever thought about doing this kind of work? Do you like to volunteer?

Baby of the Family~ mullin it over


  1. Lovely post. My heart breaks for the people in Japan right now. I cannot even IMAGINE having to live through something so horrific. :(

    How sweet you want to help! The world needs more people like you. :) I have never volunteered for an international tragedy like this one (I've never been out of the US) but I volunteer locally. I have been doing it since freshman year of high school. I hope this doesn't sound selfish, but it makes me feel important, or needed. Otherwise, if I just sit on my butt watching tv ALL day, I feel depressed. Does that make any sense? Lol.

  2. i feel so bad for all those people who lost litterally everything... i love that you want to help!

  3. I love your love of charity-how amazing!

    My mom was always deeply involved in our local food pantry and started a non-profit to keep arts alive in our local school, so I've always been a part of her favorite projects!

  4. Darling, this was such a wonderful post! You have such an incredible heart. I think it's really important that we give when we can give and volunteer as much as we can. I was doing some volunteer work early this quarter but had to put it on hold as a few things got out of control. I can't wait to do more soon -- I learn so much from other people.

  5. You were a 'mind reader' today, ha ha, after the "Secret Milionare' show came on Sunday night, I vowed once again to find a cause that I want to volunteer for. Like you, I loved my days at Paz de Cristo, but so much has changed and I want a new adventure. So I'm in the process of finding my 'nitch.' I did to "meels on wheels" in the past and liked that but felt I wanted to 'interact' more. I'll keep you posted and thanks for the update.