Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Truth Day

Truthfully, I have pretty much dropped the ball with the whole losing weight and staying fit thing. I am not going to lie to you...mostly because I am under "T T D" oath lol..

 I really really really.. don't mind the extraness that is me at the moment.

 I am aware however, that I am to be wearing and photographed in two strapless dresses this summer, and need to tone these giant arms of mine. That being said another order of whoopass has been ordered so that I may call upon any strength and willpower I have to muster up the dedication to work out and eat less.. much less..much much less in fact.

{OH! Here is my first cake from the Cake Decorating class I take on Monday nights.. be kind it is my first one! lol}

Goodbye late night Cheese Nips
So long "just a taste" tests when I bake
Check ya later pasta straight out of the pot I made ya in

Ugh again FOCUS! My on going motivation ladies.. motivation and possibly obsession
(Have you seen her leg muscles people!)

Today I was on the 'ol Yahoo extravaganza that is their crazy "news" scroll.. and came across something actually worth while!

Here are a few of the pics I got from this site, an album of animals caught on camera
(thought we could all use a little lighter post following the one I posted the other day eh?)

(maybe my favorite of all the pictures.. how freaking cute is this guy! (or gal?) Am I right..)

Also awesome
(I feel an obnoxious erg to speak to this large cat in my version of an Australian accent "ELLO LOVE!)

HAHA! Cute little monkey face!! Marcell? Is that you?

and last but certainly not least

random I know, but why not? its a freaking fantastic movie!

Baby of the Family~ Can't handle her own Jelly


  1. Ha! Love that movie also!
    You remind me that I need to workout today. Thanks for that!

  2. LOVE that movie-a genius way to end that post! It's always good to get motivated about feeling good, especially with bikini season not far off!

  3. OK.. I love this post, because I had a talk with myself today as I was shoving more choclate into my mouth, you can't keep eating and getting upset when your not maintaning the weight. So I took my happy self out to the grocery store tonight and bought all things of healthy choices. I feel good, I even got crystal light to go tea so that I can try the long battle of giving up Mr. Dt. Coke.. wish me luck.. and PS that cake was the bomb yesterday!

  4. great post!!! that is definitely one of my favorite movies!!!

  5. You have plenty of time to get even more hot and sexy by the summer weddings! And Great job on the cake!! It's adorable!! Loooove the picture of the giraffe, animal pictures always make me smile, thanks for sharing!

  6. Jen Aniston is AMAZING. I Love her Smart Water ads. So inspiring to me as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  7. Wait who is this toned woman?? IS THAT JEN???