Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black and Whites

Any time I stay at my grandparents house in San Diego, CA, I never want to leave. I had such a great time getting to know my cousins all over again as adults. learning what they have been up to, and what they plan to do next! I love my family. Extended and immediate. But one of my favorite thing about this trip was going through the family photos (yet again) with my Grandpa, whom we all lovingly call the "Patriarch". I am a sucker for old pictures, and sometimes even collect ones that aren't of anyone I know. I love black and whites, and I love to see how my family began. Here are some of my favorite photos (taken from my iPhone sorry) of him with his buddies in the streets of Chicago.

Love you Gramps :)


  1. Hello there - love your blog!! Welcome to blog world! Stop by and say hi!! Newest follower!!


  2. This is so special! How wonderful for you to know him this way and to share it with us.