Monday, December 27, 2010

Food for the New Year

Good Monday Morning everyone!
I am annoyingly awake, alert, and happy this morning! Something I am usually not. I know I can attribute this to eating healthier (yes even through the Holiday season!) and working out more. I know I know. No one wants to hear it. I have been searching for a little pill or drink that will magically transform my body and energy level. But the tryed and true way is always the best. Eat better, work out more.

 Let me be perfectly clear! For me the average day went something like this:
Breakfast: Nothing or a feast on office snacks like cookies, bread, or taffy
Lunch: fast food.. something along the lines of french fries and a soda
More snacking through out the day on office junk..
Dinner: either a giant burrito or ice cream (for real folks)
I'd kick of my shoes,  wash my face, shower, and settle in for the night with a Netflix and then have trouble falling asleep. I was lucky if I closed my eyes around midnight each night.

So it shouldn't be a shock when a yawning, grumbling version of myself showed up to work each day.
So far in just the past mmm two weeks or so I have been eating better, and either going to a spin class (which HELLO I love!- my butt bones do not!) or taking a jog/walk down to the park and back before I shower and settle in for the night. I have been reading more before bed and less movies, and turning out the lights closer to 9:30pm!!
So there you have it. Eat less junk. Eat more veggies. Feed the mind. Then rest it!

Yahoo has posted an article on Food for The New Year!
I loved most of it! the No Meat Mondays and Tofu Thursday caught my eye, along with Koean Cuisine and Sweet Potatos

Which leads me tooooo...
                                           ...the recipe for veggies I absolutely LOVE! I learned this from my mom so you know it's a goodie ;)

Prep Time: 20min
Cook Time: 20 min
Preheat oven to 425*

1 Sweet Potatos or Yams (not canned! Common now)
1 bunch of espargoss
1 bunch of broccolli
1 bag of green beans
1 bunch of green onions
3 Tablespoons Extra virgin Olive Oil

Wash the veggies. Trim off ends and cut down to size easy for munching on. Place the mixed veggies into a bag with the EVOO and shake it about. Spray a cookie sheet or cake pan and spread the veggies out evenly. Salt and Pepper generously. Place on middle rack in oven. Pull out and flip veggies after first ten min and so on until timer chimes. If they are still simmering you can cover to pan with tinfoil to lock in the steam and make them even more yummie! Otherwise serve up warm and enjoy!

Here you can find the benefits of Spin Classes which I found off the LiveStrong website.


  1. Love this post, B! You're so right about feeling better the "right way"!


  2. You go girl! Most people (myself included) are looking forward to the New Year to start my New Me. Somewhere I lost track when I worked 2 jobs or was finding a roommate, the laziness bug grabbed a hold of me and won't let go.. so your blog gave me motivation to smile that I have 1 week of bliss before the new year starts and my butt is back to the gym.. Oh how I have missed you Gym...