Monday, December 6, 2010

Santas Little Work Shop

OK Let me just say that this post was thiiiiiis close to being done on Friday and Blogger f'ed me and I lost the entire thing.

The other day I went to Michaels! I had a some gifts to pick out for coworkers and a treat box for the white elephant game for the work Christmas Party! Along the way I was distracted by several items I thought I'd share.

Naturally the first thing that caught my attention was something shiny. I, like my Grandmother and raccoons, enjoy all things that glitter! So I was pretty much over joyed to see this little treasure. A sparkly pink mini Christmas tree. They also came in green.. but if your already gunna go there, you might as well go pink yes?

I thought this was the most adorable girlie thing I had ever seen until I came around the mountain and saw this beauty. FEATHER tree. Even though I was high on Christmas pink with the tree before it, I really thought it was nice in the while feathers.. thoughts? Mine are as follows:
"FEATHERS??!! I want one!"
"MY cat would LOVE the feathered one..."
"Awww.. sad day though when I come home to my bare tree and redecorated feather room courtesy of my cat..."
I was only slightly distracted and even more so creeped out by the display that caught my attention next. .. like... 5% intrigued, 5% sad and 90%creeped out.. yeah that's about right.
I am sorry if you are a tiny little miniature toy set lover, but I got over this craze as soon as Polly Pocket was no longer cool (which by the way I looked up this toy for a glimpse of the good 'ol days.. and Polly went slutty. Don't look, it will make you sad and angry with Brittany Spears who I am now convinced she new model is made after.)
I know tiny town builder hobbiests jumped with glee at the sight of this. But I just felt sooo weirded out. I love my small town Stars Hollow stars but I for sure don't want the town in my living room.. or basement? garage? Where does one keep a small town?

Onward I went. Craft section bound. But then I locked eyes with this really hot guy, and for a few seconds.. ok like a good five minutes I seriously considered getting this Edward poster to hang above my  bed. We could talk about my day, and he'd sing me to sleep with song that have my name in them.. granted he'd have to make them up because I don't think they are any.. then I realized. I am a creeper. lol All my own. I decided the shame of having a teen poster above my bed while I am 24 years old would be too much to take, and left it there.

It was cool though. I mean I had an ENTIRE wall of yarn to pinch poke and pet when I turned the next corner (no yarn was harmed in the petting of the wall). Stores like this are always very tricky for people like me. People who THINK they are crafty when really they can kinda sorta string together some beads at best. I'm no Pink LouLou. Home girl can craft all kinds of things and in odd locations.

The entire time I think things like:
"Ummm why am I buying frames like a sucker from stores when I could MAKE them!?"
"OK, this color is so pretty. Holiday sweaters for EVERYONE!"
"I have made what like three successful pies.. I think that means I should for sure but his on sale fondant and make peoples weddings cakes.. of course this means I'll need that rotating cake display... and probably that spatula...and.."
"you know I bet I could make an oil painting of that Edward poster and then it would be ok because it would be ART!"
Then at this point. At the "Oil painting of Robert Patterson" point I decided it is very important that I stop the insanity, and two hour lap around this mega store and refocus.

Good 'ol Elmer's glue, a treat box, and a special little gift *wink wink* and I was o.u.t. of there!

But Burns why do you need Elmer's glue you ask?
Because I had to make an awesome sweater to wear to my work party. That is why.

To avoid further embarrassment at yet another work party I decided that a giant sweater was the only way to go.

The snow man was loved by all, let it be known. I was also asked by one adorable and clearly suffering from cataracts patient if my child made it for me. Awww how sweet. No sir. I have no children. You can sit down now lol

The treat box was to hold my homemade rice krispy treats I made.
One level plain, or as I called them "Classic"
Then another were peanut better, milk chocolate, and butterscotch dipped. And by "dipped" I mean  "painted". The top layer had a mixture of the two that I cut out with Christmas themed shapes.
The finished product ready to be White Elephanted.
it was chosen by a doctor with kids whom he brought (which was kinda sorta odd since we don't really do that?) But good because they were slightly unruly and they loved them!

So there! Suck it Blogger I got it Alllll out finally and without you kicking me out a bunch! HA!

k. I'm am back to behaving like a lady sorry folks.

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