Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Morning Mist

Luckily I am like one of those collapsible hair brushes you can buy for a dollar, and on planes I just fold right up into a neat little ball and sleep away. However, I like to keep track of funny random things I hear on planes. This trip has a clear winner, the fellow who sat in my row who exclaimed on his phone (to whom I hope was family or close friend at best) "Nah dude I ran out of soap they day I left, The DAY I left!!". YAY and you'll be sitting here next to me? lol

Yes, last night I took one fast ride, two planes, and another car ride to arrive in the home of honorary family members "Em" and "Elle", who my mother is currently staying with. Their home is in the country. A country I some what became familiar with when I lived here in northern Cali. Lets just say I wasn't on a first name basis with this country. 

Their home was warm and welcoming with a fire place and bed made up with warm blankets and family pillows from my moms room. I took a steaming hot shower to bring my freezing toes, fingers and nose back to life, then crawled into bed and slept like a ROCK.

This morning was nice. Slow moving and ...just nice. I have moved many times. I love each home, but this makes it difficult for me to capture that nostalgic feeling people my age get when they go back home to their old rooms for the holidays. But I like it here and I have the feeling the feeling I have this morning is the closest I'll get to missing the "good 'ol days" at "home".
my mother, the adorable, was getting dressed for the day when I realized she was wearing these cute black lace socks.. if you can call them that? With these little lace up Maryjanes.. ummm like I said she is adorable! Also I really want some of these socks now.. they are sexin' up the sock image!

Bloggers, and friends meet Gwen. She is the mamba look alike at Elle's house. I love her! She is so sweet and so soft. Oh Gwennie.. how I wish to snuggle you in this cold cold weather.
Yeah about that. This cold cold weather! I woke up this morning perched on the edge of Elles bed, make up done and still in my pjs watching the famously wonderful gay local weather man. He was looking dashing and in now way had the same facial expression I did when he proudly, and dare I say gleefully announced,  "It's 28 out side and there was a frost last night!"  Ummm pardon me. My Az ears didn't hear you correctly... 28!
People lets talk packing.

1. I am cheap... nay picky on what I will pay for at the airport. Extra baggage isn't one of them.. nor is a ten dollar slice of pizza (*cough cough* California Pizza Kitchen!)
2. Arizona has been a buzz with the "cold" temps its sporting. We all are guilty of wearing gloves in the chilly morning air, where we "Can see my own breath! Look.. hhhhhhaaaaaaaaa". But as I stepped off the first plane in Salt Lake City to a snow patched bridge I realized.. silly silly Arizona.. we just really don't know do we.
2. I have one coat. I had two.. one was stolen in a Black Friday crime wave that apparently only hit me. So one. Its warm..but its more cute than it is warm. So I opted for the warmest sweater I had and long sleeves and jeans. OH! and flats! lol that's the funniest of my choices for this trip.. yeah walk on ice in flats that's an awesome idea! sheesh.
3. I had to fit warm, and therefor bulky clothes into a small carry on along with shoes, gifts, and scarfs. My carry on was bulging peeps, and that's no innuendo.

In anycase. It is a wintery little wonderland up here! I am soaking all of it in with fall leaves littering the streets yellow and red. And little frosty leaves, branches, grass feilds, and yes windshields. It's all so sparkley. The best part was when we crossed a river to on the way into work, and had a view of all the mist riseing off of the water as the sun peeked over the snow caped mountains. pretty.

I am proud to announce I did spell my name in the grass with my feet as I (like a child) shuffled my feet through the frost, and stopped at this image. It reminds me so much of Fantasia when the little fairies come along and turn everything to a winter shine..

*lol Ok this is way off topic. But I google searched "Fantaisia disney leaf" and this picture was the first to pop up lol wtf?

More pictures to come!! Are you going home for the holidays?

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  1. I wish I were there with you! I would have brought you some Hunter boots!