Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hide and Seek

No, I am not talking the Imogen Heap song. Even though it's bomb. I am talking real. full on. count till ten. (try to ignore the giggles coming from the lumpy covers on the bed...) hide.and.seek.

This weekend was full of it. Games with my adorable nephew (see below) and the very adult, not so mature, version of the game: When someone of a certain 24 years of age is visiting a town she can't really handle, (or majority of the people in it) finds herself face to face with those girls from high school she used to pal around with and decides "nope..hommie don't play that" and turns about face, and walks right back out!

Yes ladies and gents (are gents reading?) I blatantly dodged fellow alumni in the downtown Starbucks. Yikes.

ugh. Self confirmations : "I am an adult, I will act like one. I am an adult, I should act like one. I am an adult. I'll do what I want.." - ..umm.  I was never good at those...


A bomb friend of mine has been a volunteer for some time now, and I have gone with a few times to help and enjoy the kittens. But as much as I admire her for being able to dedicate her self to the furry cause.. I know it sounds lame and oh so selfish..... But I wake up early. And I like to sleep in on the weekends. And watch movies. And spend time with friends. These things make me feel good too!

But while staying with my brother and his family we got into some deep talks (as we almost ALWAYS do) We started to talk about the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" with one hot William Smith.
We talked about how no matter how bad you feel you've got it.. it could be worst..sooo much worst.
Jobless, homeless, abandoned, forgotten, avoided...
I am none of these things.
I tend to get wrapped up in what I am "needing". An abundance of snack foods, weight to shed, time with friends, time with family, tops, shoes, make up..(LORDY the make up!) you name it, I have been finding a need for it.
 No More!
Yes, I still want to spend time with friends and family, get healthy and have amazing eye shadow when I do.. but it isn't a need.

So I have decided to go online to a site called VolunteerMatch.org. I read about it in a Self magazine at lunch and found it super easy to search for places to volunteer my time.

I have emailed several places varying from homeless shelters, animals shelters, and children outreach programs for those in Foster Care.

I feel better already, and can't wait to report which I'll be taking on as the year comes to a close, and a new one starts.

HIZAH! I need not.

Do you have a good volunteer site?


  1. yay!
    i love volunteering!
    my husband and i pick foundations that we feel drawn to for one reason or another and help out locally with fundraisers or organizing events.
    my mother-in-law has MS so we volunteer regularly for the MS foundation. my husband is an Ambassador.
    i've personally done fundraising and walks for the humane society, susan g. komen breast cancer foundation and our local chapter for autism.
    it's such a good way to meet new people and you always walk away feeling better about life.

    good luck finding something :)


  2. It's definitely ok to avoid people that you went to school with. In fact I actively encourage it!


    ps: volunteering is great. I've done it in the past with environmental education charities, and cycling charities. It's a lot of fun and you get a lot out of it.