Thursday, December 2, 2010

..mmm yeah you smell that?

Last night for coworkers and a friends birthday in mind I followed a recipe for no added preservative home made snicker bars. um. they are bomb.

You melt down the chocolate, butterscotch and marsh mellow and layer them one by one into a pan that you keep frozen. Because they are no preserves they don't keep form very well once sliced into the bars, so the "keep frozen" part is very important! but it makes it taste almost ice cream snickers -ish.
Anyways. They were a big hit at work, my friend and her mom had several after dinner, and in general knocked my chocolate obsessed loving socks off!

*I soooo apologize for my crazy pictures featured on this blog lol. They are either google searches or from my iPhone. and as much as I LOVE my iPhone.. the pictures just aren't as good as the ones from my old camera. Such is life..  *

Case in point my segway picture here below lol

lol tomorrow is my work Christmas party!
 Yahoos heard around the office for this one lol.

I have decided that due to previous work functions where I have embarrassed or exposed myself I will have a little "Holiday Work Shop" where a tacky Christmas sweater will be made by yours truly and worn alllll day tomorrow! These two striking young men above have planted the idea of a Christmas Tree design in my head!

Also, we usually do a gift exchange at the party. In years past I haven't done it. But considering that this may very well be my last party here I decided to go for it! Last year was a liquor fest people. I mean every gift we opened was a giant vodka bottle or rum of some kind. Is was mildly out of control. This year I plan to extend my work shop from glitter and glue to the kitchen to make chocolate and butterscotch dipped rice krispy treats. Packaged of course in a lovely and seasonal Christmas Gift box from Michaels.


Good LORD. The other day I had my radio turned to 99.5 which plays non stop Christmas songs aka Bridgette's fav station in December! When this song came on (All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus) and I was so totally creeped out by this little girls voice! Then.. I couldn't get the freaking song out of my head! Dang her!!

Other songs I am jamming out to and glitter glue sticking my left over sweaters to are:
Adam Sandlers' Hanaka Song
Vince Vance and the Valiants All I want For Christmas is You
Anyone who sings Baby it's Cold Outside
Jimmy Eat World Last Christmas
Madonna Santa Baby- which when I was little I thought was THE Betty Boop singing

Those are my favorite ones right now... but I am sure the list will grow and grow!

What songs do you play over and over again at Christmas?


  1. OH MY GOD those Snickers bars! They look absolutely amazing!

    As for my favorite Christmas songs, we're addicted to the entire Aaron Neville Christmas album, and "Donde esta Santa Claus?" is the best racially offensive song on Earth!

  2. Mmmmm, those look amazing! I am def putting them on my list of things to make for the holidays.

    Nice to meet you!


  3. yes, yes, yes on the yummy dessert! made some chocolate kaluah cake recently -forgot how much i love that cake:) the song would have to be Ms Boyle's version of 'Alelulia' and of course BOb Seger's 'Drummer Boy' :)