Wednesday, December 22, 2010


mmm, I am so in love with peppermint taffy today! Courtesy of a patient I now have a giant bag to feed upon!
I have New Years plans to go to Vegas with some old friends and I can not wait! 3 nights, the strip, friends, yay! Howevere, I desperatly have been tring to kick five pounds and this is just the motivation i needed!

I am now on the prowl for a good Vegas dress to wear for New Years... Suggestions? Cuuuuz I really need your help. Naturally I am thinking silver and sparkle.. but beyong that NO clue! Also, on the cheaper end of things...

Here are ones I found picking over Forever 21, Arden B, and VS..

thoughts? HELP


  1. You are so gorgeous you could pull off anything! Seriously, wear a poncho and watch all the guys hit on you.

  2. lol You are so sweet thank you! Ok a sparkle poncho it is! ;)

  3. I'm with Mrs Branflake-you are stunning enough to make a glittering poncho work!

    Although I do love that second dress, the little black number with the assymetrical cap sleeve! Have fun in Vegas!