Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Crack

I love these decorated cookies so much that I think I am going to make some before I leave for little Chico town in a week and leave some for my sister, who will be cat sitting, and my roommates to enjoy!
I read on one of the many wonderful Blogs I have tucked away in my reader, that Williams and Sonoma have new cookie cutters that can be personalized! Hizha! I am so excited to spend money 9that I do not have) on these. Which really means I will try my hardest to try and do the poor mans cutter with a knife, fork, and tooth pick to personalize them./ Get ready for some janky misspelled Christmas cookies y'all!

Aren't these so pretty! Maybe I could just write on them with the frosting?? But then you know what, instead of a good frosting bag, it'll be a hole pocked in the bottom of a sandwich bag LOL.

Anyone have some good tips on how to make these tricks less tricky?


  1. I've eaten so many cookies lately and it isn't even christmas yet! Plus, I have my birthday, it is the month of sweets =)


  2. Ha, I always fawn over those decorative pieces and never actually make the time or money to pick them up! I will say that the hole in a plastic bag is a fast-track to disaster, and that a pastry bag with a little cap is truly worth the investment. John still hasn't stopped teasing me about the "poop cakes" I iced with a plastic bag!