Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Light! Camera!

Gooooooood Tuesday afternoon to ya'll!
 this is my Charlie Brown like string of lights in the little window I peer out of :)
if you look really hard you can see Mamba peeking her head out to see what in blazes I am doing in the yard at night lol.
The window (as lovely and festive as it is) is blocked by a giant tree who's branches are a tad over grown. Therefore, almost no one can see the lights clearly through them as they pass lol.


 This is my show off neighbors  house. Their also have a large tree but I loved how they decorated it with long willowy like lights that sway in the breeze and light up the yard. So pretty. I cant decide where I stand on deer in the yard look...?

Folks who got it right via google searches

So beautiful!

Love these! its what I imagin when Buddy the Elf explains how he came to New York"Through the twrily swirly..."

I really like this look but I also love color!

lol But woow dang people lol


Enjoy your day ladies! I will be packing for my trip tonight, and eating the cookies I plan to bring home from work YUMM!

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  1. We have neighbors that have such an outrageous holiday display that there are warning signs that the lights may "disturb or blind" you! Yikes! Have a wonderful trip!