Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking a walk on the wild side

This picture of me "Jane", was taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Audrey I believe in 9/2008.
The dress: shameless
The public tree climbing: even more shameless

I've been a tree climber ever since I saw my brothers and sisters doing to before I could even walk across the yard. We build tree forts, houses, castles and caves. Peter Pan hide outs, and monkeys who stole our neighbors lemons (that hung over the fence in our yard I'll have you know! ...)(..and then would make lemon aide with them and turn a profit.. crafty little monkeys we were).

Last night after sleeping MOST of the Sunday away I decided to take my sleepy bum out for a walk around the 'ol block ah'rooh. What was meant to be a short, and brisk wake up and shake off the sleep walk turned into an obstacle course hoopla!

 I set my Pandora to the Etta James station I created and let me say it is obstacle course awesome!
While walking I came upon a school I didn't even know was in the development, and hit up those swings stat!
I forgot how much fun they are! And how sick you feel when you lean all the way back so your hair swooshes down and brushes the sand below while you balance so carefully on the swing. Feet ballet pointed perfectly forward and on point. I also set out for the monkey bars which I ruled! And then realized my hands were all sissified and starting to blister from them. Then I moved onto the slides.. going down them you wonder? *cough* um no. CLIMBING UP THEM PEOPLE, NO. Freaking. HANDS! yeah I am a playgournd bad ass.
(a stray cat did witness my one failing and waaaaay too staticie hair flail around the slide once or twice)

I wont bore you with the rest of the playground awesomeness. But I did end my gallivanting with a nice tree climb. I'm pretty sure an ant (who should have been asleep in his hole by now surely) but whats one bite? Nada. I climbed down once I reached a point I realized I wasn't going to be happy if my iPhone (still bumping Etta, Ray, and Billie) were to fall to its demise. The cool down walk was nice. it took me about an hour to loop back to my home, and i enjoyed every step that took me past my neighbors spirited decorated yards, homes and tree tops.

 It was a good night.

When was the last time you went out and just played? Climbed a tree? Went as high as you could on a swing?

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  1. I love this! We went out to go puddle jumping in a terrible thunderstorm and ended up playing on the monkey bars and swinging as high as we could! I forgot how terrifying/exhilarating playing like a kid could be!