Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I am so incredibly sleepy.
I have no idea why either. I have been reading these Nora Roberts book (lol shh don't judge!) A patients' wife has been bringing me them ever since I asked what it was she was reading.. its sweet. Now I am hooked.

I fell asleep dreaming about falling in love with that perfect guy, and being a wedding planner, or baker in a giant Connecticut mansion with all my best friends right there with me.. aw the dream.

Bloggers, meet Florence + Machine

I really love these songs right now!
 I think my fav is "Heavey in Your Arms"
And yes it is on the Eclipse soundtrack, but I didn't recognize it.. so you know what I did?
 Shhh come closer..
I rented it (again!)
and I didn't freaking hear the song once! What gives? It kept playing as I cleaned my room and there it was! it plays during the credits..
 anyway I am a Shazam!-aholic so I quickly set my Pandora to the song and have been loving everything its been playing!

My dear friend and I used to make lists. Lists help me to think. Lists make things "do able". Lists help my cluttered world go round.


Friday: Shower, Nap, go out with friends
Saturday: Shower-prep sister for hair and make up for pictures, pictures, friends, spin class and movie night
Sunday: Hike, Sugar cookie day, birthday party for friends spouse.
it will be full. it will be fun.  i will work out. i will rock out.

Have a great weekend, feel free to list away!

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  1. I love Florence and the Machine. She's a dancer favorite for dance class because her music is so dynamic.

    Nora Roberts? I think that's awesome you're hooked!