Monday, December 13, 2010

Dress up

On Saturday (as listed in posts past) My sister and I went to get our picture taken with Santa!
 Sure yeah, it was for the dog Marley as well. But it gave me a chance to put my fake eye lash applying skills to good use, and I decided to straighten her hair, and do her make up while I was at it. in short my sister was my doll and we played dress up the rest of the day lol. Good girlie fun.

She and the Clause looking cozy. His beard was legit so that was a bonus for us. But any cool points she and I had when we walked in soared out the door as soon as the woman with the camera told us to stop watching the lady with the squeaky toy for Marley lol. Oops!
After the pictures we went to the park that is behind the library. It's more of a reserve then a park with rolling grassy hills to roll down. There are plenty of ducks, and trails with benches along the way to sit and ponder at the lakes edge.

The fall leaves were sooo beautiful! I couldn't get enough or look away
One of the plants in the park gave off little dandelion like fuzz that floated and drifted over headed in the breeze and covered the grounds like a light fog, or snow fall. I wished I could be Thumbalina sized to play in it..

Getting Marley to hold still and take a photo is as easy as trying to get open a jar of pickles. You keep trying because you know its been done before.. but how??
Apparently, the motionless, still dirt below was much more fascinating to her then all Amanda's efforts behind the camera to just look up!
For the rest of the weekend I relaxed with friends, a few parties and attempted sugar cookies.
It was a half assed attempt I'll give you that. I was so tired at the store I cold recall if I had food coloring? I couldn't care too much and just bought white and called it a day.

mmmm don't you just want to eat that out of the jar? Or is that just me and my large thighs dreaming recalling my Sunday night out loud lol. The  cookies came out more like Sugar Chips! Then Sugar Cookies, but I made the last few thicker and yummier. They are beige cookies, with white frosting lol I left the unfrosted since storing frosted sugar chips seemed messy, and difficult for my tired mind to wrap around. So they sit on the counter as such.
It's frost as you go people line up!

Hope you all had fun weekends, filled with little Santa's helper secrets as Christmas gets closer and closer!


  1. Your photos with Santa are absolutely hysterical! And your sugar cookies look just adorable!

  2. I love your blog.. thanks for adding me to your creative posts online..

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! I can hardly believe they were taken in our state.

  4. Blingy earrings-maybe F21? Kate Spade has a great pair of colored crystal studs, but they may not be quite exciting enough. Hope you find something divine!