Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She brings me Salsa

This post is dedicated to the one I love:
My big sister Amanda.
She showers me with love and I her.
We watch shows that make us cry (blast you Bravo!)
Shows that make me crazy (Gossip Girl I am sorry you wont be back until JAN 24TH!!)

She is horridly allergic to items I happen to love like salsa, and she stocks her fridge with it so I may snack when I am over.
We go to movies, we take long walks, we have laughs on her balcony and she always listens to me talk
 (not a poem the rhyme was just natural awesomeness)

We have started a bucket list for things we want to do before I move away to NY.

So far the list is two items long lol
1. Double date (HA! This is funny since we are two wild and crazy single gals)
2. Go to the snow for the day and PLAY!

She is the oringinal Sister Sue, my partner in crime these last few years, my date to every party, and my main salsa supplier ;)



  1. Such a sweet post!! Makes me think of my sweet sissies! AREN'T THEY THE BEST??

  2. What a sweet post! Keeping her fridge stocked with salsa? She sounds like an absolutely amazing sister!

  3. Great post.. it makes me sad to think your moving but happy that I saved vacation to travel with you and make sure your safe at the front door of New York...