Friday, December 17, 2010


Yesterday after a stellar lunch with a close friend, shall I say soul mate, and visit to her wonderful home I played in the park! I stopped by my old high school to say "sup" but found I wasn't super crazy about being there again lol. So I snapped these as proof and bailed:

The Bidwell Mansion is right down the pink:

Chico has a beautiful park that runs through it, Bidwell Park. Its' claim to fame is that scenes from the original Robin Hood were filmed there. Its endless little trails into thick vines, or to the creeks edge are everywhere. You can drive through parts of it, but I decided to park it and take a walk.

 The walk shortly became a jog in my weather/park inappropriate clothing, and iPhone. I couldn't help but to run down the paths, get a little muddy, and lay on trees that had fallen and rested over the creek while my Pandora blasted from shore...

Laying on a fallen tree, looking up, listening to : A Fine Frenzy "come on, come out"

The creek is filtered more or less of fish, and made into a sort of pool for the city where they hold the Polar Bear swim each year (p to the s that my bas ass sister in law tots did this year!)

As the day came to a close I realized that as much fun, and relaxing time I had in this park.. I didn't need to be here in it the way some of my family do. I understand their need for it, but as I looked around at the tree line I thought..."in NY...I'd be able to see the sky scrapers just through there.."


  1. Your nature walk was gorgeous!
    I love the pink mansion! IT reminds me of the family pink beach house :)

  2. What a beautiful walk! I adore that crazy little pink mansion!

  3. ah i love those forest photos. the light is beautiful.

  4. Love the 'pool closed' picture!! Is there anything more representative of fall?