Tuesday, November 30, 2010

37* and Counting...


Just a few simple weeks ago it was still warm here in Az. A sheet on my bed, window open, and fan blowing at night so I didn't wake up a sweaty mess. But I now have all but one quilt on my bed, making a total of 7 layers of warm, fuzzy goodness (fan remains on I need air circulation people!).  It is chilly folks. Even now in the afternoon, when the doors swing open a cold wind blows in. Burrrr.  These past few days trying to convince my sister to take the drive up north to see snow has me really obnoxiously excited about winter in New York City.

I can't wait for snow crunching under my feet. A freezing cold nose. Rosy cheeks obvs. and poofy winter coats! Ice skating at the park, sledding down hills in central park, snow men and angels, all of it! I didn't grow up with snow so I am sure there will be some things I will need to adjust to. But you betchya I will be front and center for the tree lighting, parades (hopefully watched from a rad roof top gathering), and the New Years Ball drop. That I will probably do only once lol. I hear it is a smelly nasty place to gather.. but ugh...New York. New Year. Yeah....
 Its on!

What are some things you enjoy about the snow?


  1. This will sound bizarre, but there's nothing I love more than the smell of snow. I've missed it so much while we're here in San Francisco, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get some when I'm back East to see my family for the holidays!

  2. I love the snow - we've had so much of it that I've not been able to go to work for 4 days now! I did a blog post about it: http://red-boots.blogspot.com/2010/12/snowed-in.html x

  3. Aaahhh how I love thee winter! Everyone thinks I am completely and utterly crazy for loving it too! But then I read this annnnnd *sigh* haha it oddly makes me warm and fuzzy! And I LOVE the rain boot metaphor! haha I had never thought of it that way!!

  4. looking at it from inside..a cozy chair, fireplace, good book, hot tea/coffee... nestled into a window alcove and snow outside with trees and snow on their boughs; a Colorado snow scene :)