Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Seven

Day Seven Asks: List Four Turn OFFS!

Easy lol just four you ask?

1. Complaining, or poor attitude towards life. I like someone who can have a bad day, or run of bad luck and can figure out how to work with it, or change it. I believe in myself whole heatedly, and I need the person I  am with to believe in themselves as well.. otherwise how can I?

2. Poor Hygiene. Yuck no one wants to kiss someone with bad breath or dirty teeth, be touches by funk nails, or cuddle up to grease hair.

3. Being Rude. I don't like to go out with someone and feel like I need to apologize for their behavior. It is embarrassing and a little red flag for the communication in the relationship down the road.

4. Liars. Even if its small. I am a big girl and if I am asking then I really do want to know.. yes even if my butt really does look big in the dress... please let me know, I'll change and look better lol. Trust is a large LARGE issue with me. I would rather tough it up and be able to understand your reasoning's, and talk (aye I know what a girl, talk talk talk). But I connect this to respect. I respect the people in my life, and one of the ways I show it is being honest. I expect the same in return.'

yuck. Bring on Day 8!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I agree fully, and I mean fully, with each of these! Good manners are a must and I think that's what all these indicate.