Friday, September 17, 2010

Mighty Confessions...

1. While currently on a diet and "Get Fit"" kick, went off my plan today.. ok and last night. Pizza today (does veggie count for anything??)

2. I am having a full on friendship with my television watching The Simple Life from Netflix..

3. Washed my face, and did a little "spot treatment" so I looked good and splotchy the other night. Went out to the kitchen and promptly ran (literally) into a cute guy. Then proceeded to act like I was home ill (hoping to explain why I was home when I should be out, and why I looked so awful)  With the guy working at some health food store and wanting to help I ended up faking full on symptoms to the guy before finally being able to escape back to my room.

4. Really really hope that I can hitch a ride with my ma out to Cali to give the gift of a cat, and visit with my amazing sister even if that means she waits a week for me :/ Sorry ma...

5. Haven't been to actual confession in a really long time! A Catholic no no for sure.

6. Can't, and will not smile on demand for grumpy old men..

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  1. ha ha yayyyy! confess girl! so what ailment did he diagnose you with? too funny.

  2. The Simple Life is definitely a guilty pleasure! And sucks to run into a cute boy when not your best. I bet he thought you were beautiful anyway.

  3. I always order veggie with the hope of counter acting the actual pizza ~ doesn't work, but makes me feel better! So sorry about the run in with the cutie!! But if he wanted to help, even when you're sick, he must be into you!