Thursday, September 16, 2010

No fun pictures...

So. I have done it. I've decided to make a deal with myself to make the pounds come off. melt? No probably not. I'll have to wiggle, jump and dance them off like I do my too tight jeans I no longer wear, but keep.
Here is my deal:

Start by introducing fresh foods into my diet I actually want to eat, meaning they'll need to be fresh. This means I need to get over the fact that if I want fresh foods, I'll need to shop each weekend for the work week ahead. Ok fine. I can do that right? Second half, making an effort each day to MOVE. Either taking a nice LONG walk each night when it cools down, taking a hike on the weekends, swimming with ankle weights, or good 'ol fashion jog around the block.

Today I actually DID star my day with a stretch which did wonders for me. I drank about half my normal coffee drink because I didn't need it to wake me up and tossed the rest. Tomorrow NO coffee drinks! Just water water water.

I'll be eating more green things. I have the same out look on veggies as Thumper in Bambi.. Yuck!  I'm more of a purple flower girl myself. But More veggies is a must. No way around it. So are berries. Berries for breakfast, something more hardy to last me at work for lunch like the Amy's Bowls I love so much, and a veggie dinner.

This is the plan.. and oh yeah water water water!

This marks my first week doing so.

SO excited for my ankle weights I am getting at Walmart tonight and then a swim.

Pssst* think I need a new one piece since I'll be doing more moving around then taking in the sunshine in this one! With roomies now I don't want any flashing about! Yickes!!

I just hope I can find one that isn't going to make me want to bury my head in the sand! They can be so.. ugly? Am I right?

have a good night!
Ankle weights AWAY!


  1. Stretching is so key! I say, when in doubt turn on the television and stretch!

  2. Sounds like all the ingredients for success!! Good luck!