Friday, September 3, 2010

With out Fail

A friend asked, "If you could do anything and not fail, what would it be?"

My first thought was to model for Guess, a secret wish of mine since I was 12yrs old. Then I thought be a bank robber! Alarmed by my apparent underlining rebel within I decided I should probably make it something less selfish and for the good of all man kind for the long run.

If I could then these three would make my list...

1. Cap the oil spill
2. Come up with a plan other than Sea World and small zoos to keep animals safe and thriving
3. Help Greece and other countries out of their poor economies

But just for the fun of it, I have imagined being in these ads alllll afternoon!

Love the red hair, not the giant stache

She is my favorite

More realistic goals to not fail at this weekend:

*Find a moving truck
*Lift all my heavy possessions with my gal pal with out injury
*Clean my apartment
*Move my cat into a room with two cats with claws on the other side of the door :( love you kitty
     *Do all of this by Monday when I hand in my keys

Have a great weekend!


  1. if you modeled, those women would need to stand aside... you are far more than you realize! and ps: well done on all your "realistic" goals.