Monday, September 20, 2010

A what is over there?!

Let me just say that I am very afraid of birds. I have a list of irrational fears but birds it not on that list. Birds that don't know personal space... for example:

This morning while I was typing and copying lovely pictures of Arizona sunrises into my blog a fellow coworker called me to the back area where the phone operator and medical records desks are. I thought it was to look at more pictures of family babies on her phone... but no. She called me over to show me a dead bird that had some how collapsed in front of a now empty office door. I gasped! Covered my mouth (because ew.. dead bird in my lungs.. no thanks) and started to slowly back away.

I couldn't believe they called me over to show me when everyone.. and I mean everyone knows I how I feel about birds.

Once I over came my shock and horror I had so many questions. How did this bird get IN without any of us knowing.. chirp chirps? little bird pooh? Flapping around above our heads maybe? WHEN did this bird get in the building? And when did it die? This bird just showed up on the front of the door like a prank dead in the one hour time we had all arrived at work... this little bird caused a lot of mystery and irregular heart beats to be sure!

Sure sure yes it is sad.. poor little bird dead.. probably very confused and hungry. But dead bird.. don't go into buildings.. (i.e. personal space bird!)

I for sure have no pictures yuck, but I do have a link to mimismartypants blog that lept into my mind as soon as I whispered dead bird early this morning...


So this Saturday my mom and I went to Boyce Thompson an arboretum in the area. What should be a walk was more like a hike with record high temps that morning coupled with my out of shape (would rather be watching The Simple Life) legs. But it was great to stretch them out. I used to be so active! Dance team, Dance Squad (yes they are different one hip hop {insert laugh} and the other more jazz) Choreographing elementary school plays (Cinderella and Snow White) two jobs, and a social life of any normal 17 year old with her own car and pay checks to burn!!! (my $$ savey friends just cringed.. I know)
Boyce is beautiful! SOOOO many many butterflies! You would have thought it was Spring time and all of nature was twitterpaited. They were in every color shape and size. The shaded parts of the walk were nice to sit and pause and look out at the trees, the flowers, and the mountains towering over head.

This is by far my favorite spot in the whole park:

Plants for sale.. I have two of these babies in my room.. thriving-ish

Lemon trees smell sooo good

I bought little frog weights that say "Kiss Me" on the belly.. I gave it a shot, alas no prince yet.. keep your fingers crossed though you never know ;)


Ugh can you tell I am sooo avoiding me oh so warned fitness posts? Yikes! That is because after spending a healthy weekend of mind and body, reading, hiking ect ect I followed it up with one two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Ugh I know I'm a weight loss fraud right now!
I've started to think that I need to keep a rubber band on my wrist to snap when I think about treats (including bread!) But thought I'd be too welted and weird looking if I did.
Has anyone seen the SNL skit where people try and eat and just before they take a bite a man comes and punches them? Sounds mean and not very funny, but it actually is pretty funny.. I'll be looking over my shoulder for that guy tonight when I dine on cheese dip and refried beans for din din and Gossip Girl!

"Obviously, when I pass Smashed Rat I need to say “SMASHED RAT!” Smashed rat is the new dead bird.  Yesterday as I was waiting for the light to change I said, “smashed rat” and a fellow pedestrian heard and gave me a strange look. So I pointed down and showed him the smashed rat so he could SHARE THE JOY." - mimi

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