Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME

I work four tens at my current job and love having my one day off a week. For me, this day is Wednesday. What? Why not Friday? Well, for one there was about three other people fighting over that day and two its the perfect time for a break! September 9th is my official birthday. Which I'll be spending with a bag few pieces of white cheddar popcorn and Funny Girl with friends.

But as my own special birthday gift to myself i decided to take me to go see a wonderful concert with Ray LaMontange and David Gray as the musicians! if you have never listened to either of these artists I highly recommend them both!


The venue was small enough to have a great seat no matter where you sit. But large enough to have a crowd at the only ladies room during the breaks.
Ray LaMontange

I love him. He is shy and beautiful

David Gray
Adorable, energetic, and delivers a good show!
My day started with a LaStone massage by a good friend of mine, and fellow classmate. Stone therapy isn't generally one that I like. I think the stones feel great to be massaged with, but I'm a lover of stretching! I love to have a massage where its painlessly deep and stretch out the muscle. So this therapy tends to make me feel stiff. Needless to say that my friend is amazing! And i was able to drift in and out of sleep for the...wait for it.. Free Two Hour Session!

I spent the afternoon catching up on my Gossip Girl and packing my shot glasses.. classy ;)

The concert started at 7:30pm. I immediately hit the 3 major concert musts:
*Found the ladies room
*Found the bar
*Bought my concert T

Luckily my row had a few empty seats so we were able to spread out about every other chair, so my purse had a home other then a sticky concert floor YAY.

I love a concert just before it starts. The alternative music ahead while you find your seat and set up camp in your chair. The excitement when the lights go down. I get butterflies every time, as if I am the one that is about to go on and preform. The light from a stage hands' flash light and seeing the musicians take their place at their  posts in the darkness.. and then I smile at the growing rumble from the crowd...cheers..requests...hoots..clapping...

{Please forgive these pictures, they were taken with my phone}
Ray had the perfect set. I sat in tears for the first three songs which all happened to be my favorite of his. Right now in my life I feel very alone. Not in a sad way.. just in a real way. Sitting, alone, listening to him sing the songs that have been my best friends these past few months was so moving that I forgot about all the other people. They became grey fuzz and it was as if I was a fly on the wall listening to him pour his heart out.

The following songs were amazing! Up beat and southern thru and thru! Deep base and drum beats with a hardy harmonica, and lyrics that had me on my feet and rockin out. I was a literally jitter bug in my seat shoulder shaking and toe taping until I couldn't take it anymore!

He lulled us in and out of his closing song which made me fall in love all over again.  The perfect set.

David Gray came out onto the stage like a bat out of hell! And I loved it. I wasn't expecting this kind of energy from him. but the man had the most unique way of moving to the music he wrote. It was silly and immediately put a grin on my face.. one that pretty much stayed there the entire time. his movements were a cross between a conductor of an orchestra, and that of Elvis Presley in his hip shaking hair tossing days. I love Him.
When he started in on one of his last numbers a few people down front ran to the front of the stage (finally!) I waited to see how security would react and when they did nothing (some toe tapping themselves) I said to hell with my lonely seat and jetted down the stairs to join in! Ray came on stage for their encore set. it was so much fun, David climbed on his piano clapping playing singing. So much fun. I was beaming! I probably pissed off a few crowed pushers on the way out by the way I smiled at everyone around me. I couldn't help it!
I have a tradition with myself that started young to meet the people I see preform who move me. And this concert was certainly not about to be an exception. David came out the doors and b-lined to the crowd that had gathered behind me at the barricades and started to give autographs and pictures.

As the crowd fizzled down the streets, back to their cars and cabs, it was my turn. He was so gracious, so calm, so close ;) and so British! He had a hard time with the spelling of my name (no thanks to my nervous ramblings  I'm sure) cracked a few jokes, and when I realized I was making David Gray... The David Gray laugh I didn't care anymore and exclaimed, "You know what, spelling it however I really don't care". He laughed again and said to me, "No no, now I'm invested stay with my i think I'm about to get it..E.T.E?"

I smiled.. this was wrong lol. I repeated the order of the letters again and he made the "phew" gesture when it was done and promptly put his arm around me for a hug and the picture...
He laughed because I didn't turn to the camera and smile I just kinda kept looking at him lol. But he was so sweet and so funny. And this was the same person who was so beautiful on stage moments ago singing this beautiful song, moving in the most amazing way. Before moving to the last girl there he turned and gave me a squeeze.Then the next moment belonged to the next girl.. "..thank you David Gray.." giddy I whispered as I took her camera and snapped away.

Ray LaMontange wasn't going to come to us. Someone had already come to tell us. he is the shyest performer I have ever seen. it makes you feel as though it isn't so much as a show as it is this.. secret he is sharing with you. And in some ways.. thats better. So I resorted to the junior high school of thought, "if he wont came to me, I'll pass a note to him!" and so I did. I waved over a man who was going in and out of his bus and handed him the note. My mom and a few others wanted to know.. "what did you saaay?" but without any corniness, it was very personal. And so I'm keeping that between he and I. he got the note, stared at it. I have never been so nervous. he touched one hand over his heart and waved at me. then I could go home!

I yelped on the way home "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and I meant it!

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  1. thank you for taking me to the concert with you. yes, i listened to ray in my room, alone, late one night via the utube. mg sent me the link. i loved him in the first seconds. his music and his style are so personal and passionate; reminds me of an artist we both know with the initials bs. always music from his heart, with deep honesty and unparalleled passion. david gray is his own kind of magic. as are you! love the photos. ...and happy birthday again!