Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Five

Day Five: List Six Things You Wish You Could Change, Or That You'de Had Never Done:
Umm yikes! This one scares me a little. What will come to mind? I don't really view things as "I wish I hadn't done that.." Or " I wish I could change this.." As corny as it may sound I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I try and learn from whatever it is, and work for what ever I feel I want to change...

1. When I first moved into my apartment I got a "PRE APPROVED!" card in the mail, and without realizing, or understanding all the small print, activated it. The card came with a large balance already owed just for activating it. Phew hard lesson learned about cards that come in the mail. So although I wish I hadn't activated the card, at least now I know.

2. I wish I had saved more money while I was in high school and had limited financial responsibility so that I could have a nice juicy savings right now. Hoverer, I am glad I was able to buy the late night pizza slices, gas for trips to and from San Fran and Sacramento, and all the memories I have because of that.

3. I wish I could change the way people communicate to one another. I don't think anyone really listens to people when they talk, nor do people ever really say what they are feeling, or meaning.

4. I wish I could change the seasons faster! This heat is killing me and everyone here in the valley of the sun. Ugh. its been 103+ for the past several months with a low of 93 at night.. yuck! Calling all fall breezes, and crisp fogy mornings!

5. I wish I hadn't been so blind to what I need in feel in the past. But that i think will always be something I work on as someone who tends to put not just another person first but EVERYthing else first.

6. I wish I could change my body back to how it was in high school so I could run, jump, leap, and flaunt it again! lol But I am working on that and doing well -2pounds already, and more to come!!!

...huh.. that was harder then I thought :)

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