Friday, September 24, 2010


Day two is Nine things about myself that most people don't know. While compiling my list of nine, it some what turned into a list of irrational, or odd fears? lol Here goes:

1. I believe in Anti Gravity.
2. My oldest brother and myself have "pun offs" where we try and out pun the other, to see who the last man standing is... basically a battle of the Corny.
3. I don't know if I want children because I don't think I could stand it if they didn't love me, or if I didn't love them, and the bond just wasn't there. That is one of the scariest things for me.

4. I am known for being independent to family and friends because I can travel, eat, and go to shows alone. But just because I can, doesn't mean I like to.. actually I sometimes hate it!

5. I went to a branch of Ford Models out here in Az and I sent in pictures, went to the call backs and they accepted me. But to get what they call a "Zed Card" done (which is basically a large post card of modeling pictures to show your range that they send out) I had to pay the photographer and I didn't have the money. A boyfriend (who I swore to secrecy!) said he would front the money. But I am stubborn and didn't want to owe him ever for anything, so I declined and never went back...

6. The nicer I try to be over the phone at work, or out in public shopping or something, the more southern I get?? But it isn't so that I sound nicer, I just think it is easier to be sarcastic and get away with it in a southern accent... "mmm Kay.."

7.  I hear: "You have beautiful eyes, but you probably get that a lot don't you?"  a lot lol. But I really like each time I'm told because I can still have days where I feel like I'm that same girl suffering from Trichatilla.

8. I'd love to be part owner of the Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar in New Orleans (the oldest building there-converted into a spiffy bar). I find it creepy and beautiful at the same time and want to find little things like this to associate my name with so I'm thought about every once in awhile by strangers... "Says here her name was Bridgette. Wonder what made her buy it.."- I guess more then anything this just means I want to be a mystery to someone, at some point.

9. Every day I wear navey blue scrubs to work. In my left pocket I store my keys, in my right I store makeup essentials like chapstick and mascara. But on my way in and out of work I carry my phone in that right pocket too which is fine (I'm super OCD about how much weight each pocket has..?) But should I use the ladies on the way in or out, I HAVE to take my phone out of the pocket. I have never dropped an item from my pocket into the toilet bowl but I just know that if I keep it in there some how my iPhone will be at the bottom of the deep blue...

***Have a wonderful weekend!!***

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