Monday, September 20, 2010

Gooooooood Morning!

Good Monday Morning all!

Over the weekend I had an absolute blast with my beautiful friends. Friday night I caught the 7 o'clock showing of Easy A. I highly recommend this movie. It was extremely cute! I think I liked the father the most which is played by Stanley Tucci. I really like him in his other roles such as in Devil Wears Prada and Julia Julia where he plays the best husband ever! 

Umm I think she is adorable. End of story.



Saturday night I went out with another friend and went to a restaurant bar called YardHouse. This was not my favorite place in the world let me tell ya. For one, on a Saturday night around 9:30 for dinner and drinks, this place was dead! The floors were very slippery to walk gracefully over in my heels. I ordered a Mint Julpe that was so strong I thought I'd sprout hairs on my chest. I mean STRONG. This Irish gal can take a good drink.. but man alive this was straight bourbon! The creme burlee which is one of my favorite desserts, wasn't very good either.. we were bummed that's for sure.

Next time we are going to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and if she approves I'll actually include pictures of her adorable self as well :)



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