Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Three, Day Four..

I am going to do Day Three and Day Four this morning since I spent the weekend tucked into my cozy bed, and plunked on the sofas and floors of friends.

Friday night I made a fresh, from scratch Blackberry pie! I made it with the help and steady hands of one of my best friends Ari, lattise top and all. Mmmmm pie

Day Three: Eight things I could not live without (in no real order)…

1. My family! Every single last one of um right down to the pets and goldfish down thru time.

2. Music. I love music. Have been in love with music.

3. Breezes. I love a nice cool breeze any old time *sigh*

4. The ocean. I love the beach and laying out and feeling the sun soak into my skin, but I love to swim in the ocean and feel the waves of water rolling under, and all around me. I like to feel like a small thing in the presence of something greater.. which is also a reason why I love big cities.

5. Food. More specifically cheesy foods lol. Oh man. Cheese and I go waaaaay back. I think the flavor and variety are enough to wake up for in the morning.. yum!

6. Festivals. I love the gathering of all different kinds of people that come together for one common interest or love of art, music, or camping. I love to people watch and be able to sing along to my favorite songs bare foot, makeup less, free and happy with a complete stranger who is doing the same that might just happen to be a hippie, a preppy or biker. I just love it what else can I say

7. All things girlie and feminine. Ruffle tops, soft cotton night gowns, sparkly head bands, lip stick, nail polish, heals, dresses, fresh hair cuts, long lashes, new earings, lace curtins, fresh flowers, smell good candles and soooo much more.

(image sampled from Sweebie's Spot)

8. Passion. I think it is the drive in everyone! I really respect those who have passion for what they do in life, for who they love, and how they live. I feel so low when I can’t find my passion, it is the key do be doing anything correctly. I really believe that if your doing it with passion then you’ll have the outcome you want.

Day Four: Seven things that cross my mind a lot…

1. Travel. When will I travel, when will I be able to go see Greece, Venice and Paris? How many trips will I end up going on thru out my life, since there are so many many places I want to see? Oooo Places I want to see…

2. Mmmmm you know what I want to eat right now…

3. Ok if I save this much each month, and I could move to New York when??

4. Oh my (brother/sister) is adorable! I can’t wait to see them!

5. Bills, bills, bills. Doctors appoints that I need to pay for.

6. Oh man I am TIRED

7. Ok, starting today is my new diet and exercise plan I swear!!!

Well for the last week I have been eating better and working out little by little. Today I plan to swim with ankle weights, and a resistance band around my waist . Then I’m off to get a manicure. I am spending the evening giving my mom a trim and watching Gossip Girl. I think I’ll swim Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Weigh in is on Friday October 1st at 2:30pm! Cross your fingers for me !!

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