Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Day, Another Fifty Cents

(Note: Shiny Sparkly Headband)
Showing off one of my many beautiful birthday gifts!

I had such a great time with my ladies this weekend. Great conversations, laughing till my sides hurt, great food, strong drinks, and movies that make me cry!
Thank you my beautiful friends for all their cards, gifts and posts ;)

Today I am loving all things girlie and feminine! I have been cruzin VS for floral print tops, and fun jackets for fall. I have also been thinking that since my gal pal whom I refer to as Underwood, has gone brunette, I too may go a shade darker. It is no secret that I lust after As' beautiful hair on the daily. But I want a look all my own like any 'ol girl. So I need some ideas, and inspiration for a new color!

Tonight is Gossip Girl FINALLY!

I literally screamed at my TV when Chuck went down. Blair and Chucks' plot is really the only one I care about. Sure, sure I wanna know what Dan is up to, and how Serena is wearing her hair, but Blair and Chuck common now! Despite my desperate screams at my television late last Wednesday night Chuck still went down, Jenny continued to be heinous, and Serena and Dan seem to have forgotten they are in fact, still step brother and sister. Yikes guys! My tv however, didn't care. Lucky for me neither did my new roomies :/

Ahhhh living with roommates. lol For ever negative there is a positive though right?
+ CHEAP rent
-Sharing a bathroom with two other people
+More money for my grocery budget
-Less room to put my food
+Got to work with one minute to spare!
-I woke up early on account of my cat throwing herself at the windows almost breaking my blinds at that cat on the other side of the window.. Buddy.

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. I totally missed Gossip Girl- well, I have never actually seen an episode but I always have because of the awesome fashion. Next Monday, for sure.