Friday, November 5, 2010

Oops here I am!

I have been MIA on my blog the past week or so (sorry about that!) But I will be back in full swing next week! I have so enjoyed keeping up on all of yours however, and on my most busy days those few minutes have given me something beautiful to easy my nerves, something funny to keep me going, and something wonderful to look forward to, so thank you for being better blogers than I!

This weekend I have a few "to-do's" but mostly they are pretty relaxed plans. Except tonight! Tonight I am grounded! Not allowed out of my room except for water, and to shower (you know, like the good 'ol days)

One of the absolute loves of my life will be popping by Arizona just to see me to go to her brother in laws' wedding. None the less I get all her free time (yay!) She and her adorable fiance will be town for a few days, and my room is literally covered with a decent amount of cat hair. I know yuck. So I'll be doing my second real deep clean in my room and finally unpack that now rather mysterious last box at the foot of my bed. Hope nothing leggy and creepy has crawled in there to surprise me!

For this serious job I have decided tonight's rock out cleaning anthem will be all things Barbra. That's right Streisand folks. She and I have been amazing besties since the day my mom fell for my sick act in the fourth grade and the only thing on was Funny Girl.

Below, if your a fan, or a Barbra newbie, are a few of my favorites and if you have a few, or a mean dust bunnie I suggest you stop and listen!

This first clip is from Funny Girl. It starts off a little slow and tearful but just a minute in and I am crying and singing along!

A super early TV appearance by her. I love how young she looks! Also such a rad "I am over you" song!

What would a few clips be with out my two favs Barbra Streisand and Louis Armstrong? I think I'd like a grand entrance down stairs to have the same music lol

Now I have never seen Cats but I'd love to because I love this song.. right around 2.45 she hits it and gives me chills! CHILLS I tell you!... poor little street kitties..

OK I didn't even know this existed! lol I love Ray Charles (he is one of the people I bake to :) But this is pretty awesome with the two of them together!

lol Ok well I feel like I have cheated on one of my other true loves, Bette Midler (I must be absolutely killing some of you guys! lol) I love these songs, and woman they help to empower me, and these stories to show me that I am not so off my mark...

This is a cute short little song from Beaches, a beautiful movie about friendship.. anyway I pretty much feel like her at this point in my life lol

I have gone from dancer, to teacher, to massage, to chef.. what will it be next year? Who knows, but I still got my health!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Bridgey! Great page, funny blog. Somehow I will find a way to appropriately appologize for not becoming an avid reader of your blog.. LOVE the pics on the side -- but the main one @ top page?!?!?.. Tell me you found this somewhere on the net! (I know it's not you two, but Gracious! It's the pricipal of the thang!) Anywho, I LOVE you and hope you are happy more often than you realize. -B.