Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Ah the new work week. No more holidays, shopping days, or laying in bed and eat pie... days.
That is, until this weekend ;)
Let us get the previous week recap underway and out of the way shall we?

Wednesday: was lousy with Gilmore watching, *cat camping, and general running around to shop-ness.
(*Cat camping is something of a mixture of games I play with my Mamba. "Kitty taco" where she is "tacoed" with the blankets from my bed while I screech "KITTY TACO" at the top of my lungs, and she enjoys the hammock like ride. The "I will hide from you to keep you from meowing in my face this morning" game which is.. pretty self explanatory. I love my cat dearly but when she is yelling at me on mornings where I CAN sleep in past 9 it is not appreciated. So sometimes when I feel crafty, and a little creeper.. I slowly disappear under my covers when she isn't looking.. then proceed to surprise attack her when she least suspects it and she is then kitty tacoed until I am laughing waaaaay to hard at myself and cat to continue any longer.)
- I know... your glad you asked right :)
Thursday "Turkey Day" or as I called it "Side Dish Day": started early at 8:30 (early for a holiday any way) and started to make more whoopie cookies and frosting (which came out a little strange) and three pies (two apple/one pecan). My lovely sister Amanda came and picked me up to see Love and Other Drugs around one. The movie made me cry and really want to perm my hair to look like Ann Hathaways'. After the movie I finished the pies and headed to a family friends house where they ate, I drank and all were merry. Around 7 we made our final stop at friends house #2 the "kid house". ADORABLE! I love them all. All cracked out on Thanksgiving food and toys, everything!
My sister and I got home around 8:30 when I started in to make our sides from scratch. Garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes, marsh mellow yam bake, and green bean casserole. YUM! We watched Avatar and ate till we were cross eyed.
I rolled home late.
Friday: I regrettably woke up at 4:45am and made the chilly decent out into the sale world. All in all I got a new pair of sneakers, am down my personal (expensive) VS jacket someone shimmied out from under my arm, movies, books and thermals.
I happily left the mall madness for this little face:
Audrey's most adorable boys needed to be fed and loved on, and it is soooo what I needed too.
I napped and spent all of glorious Saturday in bed at home with cozy socks on. More Cat camp was had.

Sunday I decided to shake things up a tad. Just a tad. and travel south to Tucson so see my other most amazing sister. Thing is, she is currently keeping a watchful eye on my *dad.

(*This is causing many noggins to be scratched, jaws to drop because I do not have the greatest relationship with my dad. Or much of one to even categorize as such. But it went well. That entire visit is a post all in itself. 

The weekend was full, and relaxing at the same time.

Hope everyone had a great time with first time hosting duties, visiting family, and getting those deals!
From the looks of it you all did just that.

Welcome back to the work week!

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  1. What a weekend! I'm sorry your jacket was swiped, but I'm glad you got to relax and enjoy!