Monday, November 15, 2010

If You Seek Annie

On stands this month, Vogue highlights an amazing photo shoot with one Miss Anne Hathaway. I adore her. She is an AADA alumni, same as my sis, I am a six year old girl whenever a Disney movie comes out, and Loved her in Rachel Getting Married, so naturally I am a F.A.N!

(ok that guy looks like John Stamos.. yes? Anyone?)

Um this is my Fav by far! I love the black and white, and I love the GIANT dog, her hair the dress the park bench .. all of it!

adorable of course. look at those eye brows my God!

I had such a wonderful weekend with my friend who came in from out of town with her adorable fiance. Oddly we did not take any pictures.. this is odd because:
1. I am a snap happy woman, ask any of my friends, or anyone who has been on a trip with me
2. She is an amazing photographer and always has been
In any case it didn't seem right, or important at the time. just soaking her up there in the moment was good for me!
We went to the Rhythm Room in Phx one of the nights and listened to a joyful, soulful and dirty jazz singer whom I loved! "I've got three hand fulls so fellas bring a friend.." lol Loved her!

I leaned into her fiance that night and whispered to him... "I might kidnap her, and steal her away.."
to which he replied, "I know she has that effect on people, I pretty much did that exact thing when I first met her." I loved watching the two of them together. They never once made me ill with icky lovey dovey nicknames, or awkward by taking out pre wedding frustrations out in front of me. In short, the perfect couple to third wheel it with :)

I made them some Beignets on Saturday morning and sent them on their way... luckily I will see them again in December when I travel up north.. and if I am really really lucky, and Santa is listening I'll be able to see one of their shows!

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  1. LOVED this shoot-glad to hear you had such a great weekend!