Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Day At Work!!!

I woke up this morning to a sparkly hood of my car with frost! Hello winter, and good morning.
(a little difficult to see. I get up before the sun, and it is via my iphone)
Anthropologie aka my one truest of loves, if having a sale online and I thought these looked snugglie warm for the winter season!

Aaaand I am so sorry but these sheets are so adorable! They have candy cane written ALL over them!
"Hello..? Hello Santa?" -S&C annoying little girl in Eps "A woman's right to Shoes"

 OK so it isn't Friday. But I have a new confession! It isn't dirty, and it hasn't really been around long enough to be a secret... huh.. my confession is loosing it's appeal isn't it! lol ANyways, after watching the AMAs I really wanted the dress that Taylor Swift wore. It was a mini dress. Sparkly. Funky. Girlie. Basically "Bridgette the Dress"! So I hunted it down and found the designer (who was new to me) is so amazing! I must get to a place in my life where I can wear one of her dresses. I don't need to deck my halls with the expensive dresses.. but one.. common man ONE!

Ok here is a little Peek at some of the dresses I am crushing on :)

ah ha! I love this dress so much


I am so excited for Thanksgiving! I am going to make a pie for Underwoods family. I am not going to be making any meaty goodness, but will be all about the sides!

I think I am going to go brave the Black Friday crowds too. I need new shoes to hike in, and a want to look at some toys for my adorable nephew that I will be "re meeting" this Christmas. He is three. Adorable. A total boy. In LOVE with Thomas the Train.. but who isn't? And has a WILD imagination. In one day the sofa is his ship in a battle against sharks, a cave hunting dinos, and a cloud in the sky. I love him. So I need to get him something pretty rad that will only enhance his awesomeness.. any ideas?
 I am not in the "kid world" at all so I don't know...
Do share ;)


Tomorrow I am off (yahoo!) so I will be preparing and resting... Netflixing it up my friends. Almost to the end of the Gilmore Girl seasons. I am excited, scared, sad.. so many emotions for an old tv show lol. None the less I shall be back in the blogging either on Thanksgiving for an update and pictures galore, or Friday to show off my new shoes!

Wish me luck and if your shopping for shoes too.. watch out ladies I ain't afraid to use the 'ol elbow :)


  1. Oh, I love that you're watching Gilmore Girls-I do, too! Enjoy the vacation, and plenty of turkey!

  2. Urgh- watching the end of Gilmore Girls broke my heart. Why oh why did it have to END????

  3. Look at those gorgeous dresses!! Perfect for this holiday season!