Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tis Almost The Season

Today I received an email about the Christmas party for work this year. I have a horrid habit of flashing my coworkers (accidentally, and not due to any funky egg nog mind you) Just good 'ol fashion accidental flashin...

The first year I went to the Christmas party I didn't know anyone and pretty much bailed asap! The second year I felt more confident and decided to wear a pretty black dress. I put it to a vote and all my gal pals said I should go ahead and wear it as a dress. Unfortunatly this was the same time that I was having to wear a heart monitor. The device consisted of two parts. The little stickies that stuck to my skin around my heart, and the pager like monitor with two little wires that conneced to the sticky patches. Being in a cute LBD I decided to not connect the wires and just leave the stickies on.. you know.. just in case?

Ok SO I got a very upsetting phone call from my mother telling me that my grandmother was expected to pass within the next few days! Upset naturally, my heart started racing and then skipping. This is exactly the kind of irregularity my cardiologist wanted to see! I raced through the double doors back into the banquet room, grabbed my purse, motioned to a friend to come out side with me!

The Christmas party was being held at a golf club and resort, very nice. Very green. Many birds. There was a long balcony that extended around the building including the side of the banquet room where we were gathered.

Now I wasn’t exactly Tia Tequila, but I certainly wasn’t a lady when I flew onto the balcony (unbeknownst to me, still quite visible by my coworkers via tinted windows) pulled my dress sleeves down to connect the wires to the stickies (I know, such technical terms) and pressed the marker on the pager.


The day was terrible. But my coworkers were extremely kind, and classy to not ever mention the fact that I was in my bra crying on the balcony at the party where I remained for just a short while until I had three friends arrive out there with me..
One with a bottle.. BOTTLE of wine and a glass.. lol LOVE my friends
One (a nurse) taking my vitals
And the other tearing up not knowing why holding my hand and pulling my sleeves back up over my shoulders.

My wine bearing friend took the phone from me to talk to my mom once I became pretty much unresponsive. Their conversation I am told went a little like this:
Mom: "Is she having an episode?"
A: "Yeah I think so.."
M: "Ok, this has happened before, she will be fine but she needs to slow her breathing. Has anyone brought her something to drink?"
A Serious as can be: "Yes. I brought her wine."
M: "HA! I love you.. she might want that later, but get her a glass of water, and make her drink that.."

Next thing you know water arrived at my side.

These woman are great.

When I say great I don’t mean swell or peachy. I mean these woman have greatness in their kindness friendship and love. They not only flew me out to see my grandmother that night, but my very best bestie packed my clothes, unpacked all the socks I had only packed and drove me to the airport. She did most of my talking and most of my thinking since I couldn't manage to do either that night, and they were in good hands.

So all in all the flashing didn’t create too much of a buzz..

But BOY OH BOY did the Company Family Picnic get them talkin!....


  1. Aww, what a stressful experience, thank goodness you have such great girls by your side! Hope this year's party goes much smoother for ya :)

  2. You have amazing people in your life! Definitely loved by all.