Monday, November 22, 2010 it getting Cold in Here?

A friend of mine has the prettiest and shiniest hair EVER! I love it.   Covet it.   And generally stare and make "eyes" at it. She tells me she will wash her hair in cold water..
I wasn't sure this would do anything for my lack luster locks, but I gave it a go and for the past maybe month or so I have been taking a luke warm shower and towards the end while rinsing the conditioner out, using cold water. My hair has shine, but the rest of me is very upset! my goose bump arms want to give my hair a stern talkin' to that's for sure.
Combine this with John Friedas' straightening serum and I am one happy, shiny, and smell good  gal!

Any tips on making your hair as special as possible?
Now let us all bow our heads and morn the AMAs that someone let happen last night. I could not put into better words than this review I read online this morning and promptly woke myself up laughing my batoot off!
One this he did not mention is that Carry Underwood is soooo-ho-ho-oh! so much better than Taylor Swift and was there for e robed an award last night. Hopefully she knows that it was a shame and a bunch of whoie anyways.

here are some choice high lights from the review that gave me a good chuckle..
(also I do not have Beiber fever, it isn't a fever, it's like an infection that has made everyone apparently dumb..ugh)

" Bieber invited Usher--"not only my mentor but my best friend and my big brother"--to join him onstage. You can try to hate Bieber, but you know, after a moment like that, that you're really secretly dying to play laser tag with him."

"When it's one band doing it at the Super Bowl at half-time, we understand. When it's the majority of acts on a three-hour show playing a minute or less of multiple songs, it's ADHD personified."

"Because what African-American choir member isn't waiting for the day when they can break out the robes for the Bieb?"

"Justin Bieber, as always, was channeling Ellen..."

"Oh my God, we're back again!" -sung at the NKOTB/Backstreet Boys summit meeting."



  1. LOVED it - thank you for making me laugh !

    Have a great week

  2. that is crazy--i don't think i could sacrifice a warm shower for shiny hair!

  3. That icy cold rinse is my secret to shiny hair, too-it just works! That and Kerestase Oleo-Relax!

  4. That made me laugh! It is really more of an infection than a fever- I totally agree:)