Friday, October 29, 2010


Excuse me while I lust after Zooey for awhile here. A coworker didn't know who she is.. how does that happen?

I can not wait until it starts to rain here more. I really want a selection of rain boots and umbrellas to have on hand

My friend and I have this weird awesome dream to re create some pictures and hang them in our small awesome loft in New York. I'd like to add this one to the list!

Zooey and her sister Emily

lol this one makes me laugh! I'd love to hear some of her other songs (besides the Christmas ones)

I think she is just so beautiful. I love that she can pretty much pull off any look. I crave the kind of forehead, face shape, and know how to have bangs like these!

Lust over...


  1. I adore Zooey, and am as impressed by her music as I am her impeccable sense of style!

  2. I totally love her! She is so quirky and unique and all around awesome!

  3. i have the BIGGEST girl crush on her. she is so stunning. that lemon picture is amazing :)