Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About to BURST!

I am so very excited today! My wonderful and dear friend from Chico has arrived. She has some family Ballyhoo to tend to this weekend but there is a mutual plan in place to buddy up and pal around town.
She landed, she is safe, she is hilarious, she is here!

However, there is one bummer of the day. My iPhone case busted a few days back and I thought it could hang in there...but it is looking pretty sad right about now :( That is why I am thinking of popping onto EBay to purchase a girlie version of the case.. here are four I am eye balling:

 Thoughts? I kinda like the last one? But would I want that style all the time? Yes these are the hard hitting questions of today.

This weekend I went shoe shopping for one of my best friends weddings who I am a bridesmaid for. We wanted silver shoes to match the burgundy dresses.. but everything looked to disco and cheap! We didn't want to go white either... I basically reenacted the scene from Sex and the City where Carries shoes were stolen, and Miranda brings her giant clunky white heels for her to wear.

So white was clearly out of the question.. we ended up in all over the mall and finally perched in two very comfy chairs in Dillard's shoe department. We found sort of a pearly ivory heel from Jessica Simpsons' line.. and Me Likey Very Much!


  1. I bought you the 3rd one for your birthday! That EXACT one. Except...I thought you had 4G iPhone, so I'm saving it for if you updgrade or I ever get one. But, it's awesome. I ordered it all the way from some guy in China!

  2. These are so wonderful-the second is so outrageous!

  3. Hope you have a great time with your friend in town!

    I say you can't go wrong with any crystalized phone cover, but just be careful, because I bought one on amazon a few weeks ago and the gemstones are already starting to fall off :(

    On a happier note... aren't JS shoes the best ever?! Those pearly heels are adorable!!