Friday, November 19, 2010

Seeing Red !!!

YAY I didn't even know about this movie until this morning but I am already very excited for it. I am a Twilight nerd for sure, and the article says it will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke who did the first Twilight flick.

Amanda Seyfried is going to be the lead in the red cloak. She is so beautiful! Apparently the idea was Leonardo DiCaprios' which is just really kind of funny to me.. don't know why.. but it is lol.

This little Johnny Depp look alike will play Peter, a love interest of Red in the movie...and good night I am sooo sold!

The movie opens March of 2011 and I have a very good feeling that it will be the perfect movie to hold me over until breaking Dawn comes out, becuase I am starting to loose my interest in that story as it takes for ever for the movies to come out and I have read the books 200 more than a few times, and have it memorized to the point of literally acting it out as a one man show for my mom while she packed me this September.

What is everyone looking forward to seeing??

Some movies I'll be at this weekend fo sho:

Harry Potter. I never read the books.. thinking maybe I should? But the movies have so much already that it is hard to think I could follow any other additional plot lines!I love her hair too! So brave to go that short, but I think it fits her face pretty perfectly!
They look so amazing at the premier!!


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  1. You MUST read the books-they're fantastic! And they'll give you something to do while you're waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out!