Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day Ten Asks: List One Confession!

What? Confession? But it isn't even LuLus Confession Friday! I know... but it's just one.

My One confession is this: Today it is stormy! Very very stormy! Its more then over cast, it's dark. Night time dark. It's thundering and lightning lights up the sky! The doors open and close here at work with each new patient and a cool breeze blows in leaves from outside. And this all has me thinking... I want it to be Christmas! Not just for the weather, but for the Gap Christmas Ads. Because don't we all just LOVE them?

(umm I love them)

(and he)

common... don't you!?


  1. I love thunderstorms when I am inside, dry and cozy.... and I too can't wait for Christmas time... these ads are so cute! I haven't seen them before.

  2. I love them also! And Jim? He is so dreamy!