Thursday, October 14, 2010

All those dang Judgie bears

Man Alive! Yesterday was my day off from work I ran a few errands including a stop at my school to have my exit appointment. Aka Graduate!!
Since my school boasts an enrollment that can be done at any time, or day we don't have graduating classes. So whenever your time is up, you schedule an appointment at the Success Center and you go through all the paper work with one of the administrators. Have no fear there were bells, confetti and clapping involved when it was handed to me lol That school cracks me up. Ooo SWIHA, you kooky ass place.

Behold... many many many hours. Night classes after an already long day, going to be at midnight, weekend classes, crying, hugging, so many great new people in my life, the ability to let go of the toxic people in my life, no life on the weekends. To the tests that's I passed with out studying at all, and to the ones that I failed miserably on staying up all night to study and cram for. Hizah to the one thousand phone calls my advisor never returned, and the giant student loan I have due to a forgetful financial aid counselor. Yikes to the 162 naked bodies in the clinic, the three job offers (none taken) and the most wonderful instructors who are truly masters in their work, and gracious people who have gone so far in helping me learn.
SWIHA I hate Love you!
After my meeting/graduation I went to the mall to scout some bomb chocolate covered strawberries for National Boss Day which falls on a Saturday this year. I planned to maybe buy about five or eight of them, wrap them in pretty paper and pick out a card to present to my boss on Friday. But Godiva wanted way too much (in my opinion) for just two. Two! Who only eats two? Not I that's for sure. So I wandered around the mall a little longer and let me tell ya, people were lookin. Is it really so odd for someone to shop alone? or heck go to the movies, walk around book stores, eat out, or do anything these days (gasp!) alone!?!?!

Let me tell ya. This is sometimes way better on your own. Now I love my girls more than anything! And their company is always an absolute joy. but so is window shopping and letting your mind wander. Eating at your favorite place because no one else likes it, and damn it you've been craving that dip for months!
So this weekend whatever you do girls, DON'T be afraid to do it alone ;)

P.S. Another note inspired by this still from Sex and The City Movie. Isn't it great to get dressed up for a night out on the town? And isn't even better to turn in early and veg on the sofa :)

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