Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's the Boss

Let me answer your first question you are sure to ask after reading this post:
 No, I am not engaged or even remotely close to being married anytime soon.
And the answer to your second question:
 No, I am not crazy!

I am simply very very very obsessed with the TLC show Cake Boss.
The show is a reality show based around an Italian family owned bakery in New Jersey. The head chef or "cake boss" is Buddy Jr. He is also perhaps the silliest, sweetest, and most creative cake creator I have ever seen... I haven't seen many.. but one can imagine!

Their shop is famous for (the show yes, but also..) their specialty cakes, and amazing family receipts. His father, Buddy Sir who opened the shop is shown in one of the episodes decorating a wedding cake that is so beautiful, I have been lusting after it alllll day and night. I am talking DREAMS people! DREAMS about making my own wedding cake with Buddy Jr. LOL A clear sign I have read too many wedding blog posts, and episodes of this show!

But for fun, let me show you!

Pretty yes? Sort of cascading down the cake like this one:

Here are some of the cakes that have been made on the first two seasons! ALLLL Of it you can eat.. all..:

What are you currently addicted to and dreaming about?


  1. You're talking to the right girl-I've been crazy about weddings for as long as I can remember!

  2. I haven't ever heard of the Cake Boss, but wow! Those are masterpieces!! How could you ever eat a cake that looks that incredible?!!