Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odd Comments At Work

Odd Comments that at some point today, were said in my lobby. They got me thinking, who the heck do I work with? And man my minds in the gutter!

1. "Make sure you get my situation" (said by doctor dressed up for October fest taking pictures with staff with one leg proudly up on a chair)

2. "Can your tongue touch your nose?" (whispered by patient to her self)

3. "Did you see my Pearl necklace?" "giggle giggle" (asked by a co worker and giggles came forth from pretty much everyone around at the time)

4. "That child has a calmness.... like little Leprechaun . Don't ya think?" (said by creepy old man in lobby about a child about 6, and who was not calm lol)

OK so please tell me I am not the only one with somewhat inappropriate co workers, and clients/patients whos' comments like these continue to crack me up on the daily around here?

Do share :)

PS Its rainy and cold here.. finally!

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