Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Closet Blues

Saturday Morning, "At the crack of.." as my mother says, I will depart for LA to visit my beautiful sister.
I am riding shot gun on a bucket in a giant UHaul with my sleepy cat for six hours. I have already started to think about what the heck I should pack for the trip. If I had it my way I'd wear beautiful dresses, and flowing tops with wonderful shoes with character.

I have the case of Closet Blues. You know. When you feel like you have NOTHING to wear? I hate that! I know I have PLENTY of clothes. My cramped hangers, drawers, and under my bed dresser can witness to that fact. Yet i feel like nothing is really right.  Ohhhh for the day when I can have a beautiful closet full of organized tops, feminine to concert Ts. Shoes as far as the eye can see on display under perfect "what will match this.." lighting....
This is my favorite I think :)

Freaking MC has such a beautiful closet!
After looking through page after page of online browsing I landed back at the tried and true Anthropologie for all my lustful needs.




 I am really loving these adorable shoes!!

**This weekend was very fun! I am finding that as I bake more and more pies (another successful pie with Katie thank you very much :) the more I am listening to oldies, and blues channel on my Pandora. I find that the stations for Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, and Etta James are my favorites to bake to. Now I can't seem to stop listening to the wonderful tunes!
This being the case I took my Crazy friend "Coconut" to the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. Mr. Long John Hunter played and blew me away. I found that I had completely fallen in love once I saw he was wearing the same comfy Adidas slip ons my Grandpa putts around the house in with black dress socks! HA! I love it! I love him! I love that place! Such a wonderful little dive with great cocktails, and a wonderful crowd where NO one is in their seats about two songs in.

That's my kind of place!!

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  1. Mariah's closet is incredible... and all those shoes... Jealous doesn't begin to describe how I am feeling..

    I haven't heard of the Rhythm Room in phx, it sounds awesome though!