Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok Homies you KNOW I had to post these!
King B and Sir Jay Z announced last night at the VMAs that she is prego.
Um cutest kid ever!

This site said:
But the night belonged to Beyoncé, who had announced her pregnancy on the red carpet. During the middle of the show, she belted out "Love On Top." At the end of the performance, she rubbed her belly as her usually-serious husband, rapper Jay-Z, jumped out of his chair and cheered in the audience with Kanye West.

See her sing!! here

I feel like I need to be their nanny. B and I would bond over making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the mornings, and Jay Z would lend me his hats when I had bad hair days. I'd high five other staff members passing in the halls with their awesome baby strapped to my back, and Beyonce would call me B.. yeah. This totally needs to happen STAT.
{or in nine months}

Oh, but that line she says before she sang, "I want you all to feel the love growing inside of me"
 Creepiest thing she could have possibly said.
... ever ...


My poor NYC! This weekend it was bitch slapped by Hurricane Irene. Boooo. Although many are without power until later tomorrow, most are fine and returning home. I know some may think I am nuts, but oh how I wish I was there during the storm!
First, I love storms!!!
Second, it would have been great bonding time with my new city and the people.
But no

 I was here.
in dry


Alright, so moving right along on this Monday, Monday {bah dah, dah dah dah dah} Are my newest love: the tweed wide leg trousers.
They are sadly not everywhere. but soon. I feel that once it is more...Autumn-ie they will take over the racks.
{please please please}

I really like this dress for Fall too..

How freaking adorable and wonderful are these sparkle pieces for Fall!!
I love them

 I think My style for Fall this season is going to be a little.. business-ish. Which is odd since I don't work in that type of industry ... soooo not sure how I plan to pull these looks off.. but hey! if only in my head then whatevs right :) 
oh and these Accessories too!

My dear lovely friend Lou who you'd know from here, graduated this last Thursday from a very competitive nursing program!! She was totally adorable in her little white scrubs {sorry no pics} and on Friday I went to celebrate with her and her twin sis Underwood {who might be starting her own blog YAY!} and the little man {who giggled the entire time! Ugh Love}.
 While we were eating I got a text from Shark asking if I was there at the resturant..? I sat up in the booth and looked around to spot him just behind us siting at the bar with his cousin.
Oh Lordy.
 After my friends tagged him as a stage five clinger {bahaha} we paid our check and I stopped by to give my friendly hello. I'm really not sure whats happening there. He is in? He is out? Who can keep up? Playa runs hot and cold.
I am warming up to a date night with the Diamond Back very soon this week! Not sure what to do though... and the ball is sorta in my court.. ideas?

Umm the following is me drooling over these dresses. I love wedding dresses what can I say?!

Which is your favorite? They all remind me of a fairytail princess wedding!

clothes from and dresses from here

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  1. Those Reem Acra gowns are every kind of beautiful-swoon!

    And your comment about Beyoncé's "love growing"? My thoughts EXACTLY! But of course, you could put that aside if you were nannying.