Friday, August 5, 2011

Thoughts Rollin Around

This is the adorable Ginger!
She is one of two dogs I am currently house sitting for. She has been a doll this entire week. She comes when I call, follows me like a good little shadow puppy does. She naps, plays and is a happy girl!
Until last night. Or should I say until 1am this morning, when Ginger apparently decided.. she hates me!
She barked non stop for four hours. I took her outside in the first five min of said barking thinking she simply needed to take care of business.
Then I thought I'd put her in the "play pin" she stays in when I am at work.. maybe she just wanted to be out and play?
Bark bark bark. Yip yip yip.
Then I thought.. perhaps she just wants to be near me?
silly silly mighty burns.. this was far from the truth. When she wasn't clawing at me, biting my fingers and toes, she was...
Oh don't get me wrong she also managed to chew on some of my clothes and shoes too!

This is why I now HATE Ginger.
Ok I don't hate her.. she has too cute a {slightly resembling an old mans face} face for a puppy. But I am very very disappointed in her. I also realized I could never have a child without help from someone.

I watched the end of Season Six of Grey's Anatomy the other night.
 And then I couldn't sleep. Because what kind of sick f'ed up stuff is that episode(s) all about! My goodness gracious! Give me a heart attack why don't you?! I mean I was sobbing crying. I turned lights on.
 I paced around with say I am involved in my shows is quite the understatement! I felt sick...and sad...and nervous..jittery...and felt like I wanted to call everyone that I love!

Thank goodness that part is over ;) now I am onto hunting down episodes of Season Seven!!

The other day when I described the burnt orange button up and lace mini skirt.. dude.. this is pretty much it!
I found it here who got it from here

So I have been thinking...who not wear dresses all of the time?
I think yes!

How pretty are these dresses paired with the colors leggings? Ummm LOVE it!

Also why can't I wear wedding dresses more casually? Is it really terribly vain to tell you that I HAVE tried them on.. and I am in fact NOT getting married..and I thought "Damn I look good in white?!"
Cuz I did.... and I do :/
It's a shame..thats all I'm sayin.

Like how cute would this be to wear to dinner with the girls? Or a Tea Party?
It's the dream!

However, this... probably closer to what the reality of that dream would be. A bunch of chicks dressed up in their Wedding bliss best drinking beers and eating popcorn..
Who needs tea anyways?
(I like that Monica is wearing black socks with her dress bahaha!)

As always I have been swept away with picture of flowers...

Isn't this the perfect combination of oranges blues and whites? If you haven't already you should head over to An Apple A Days blog because it is always BEAUTIFUL!
Also she has a new site! yahoo!


Ok So when I get married {fingers crossed and all that} I would LOVE for Amy to do the flowers for the event. I love these colors so much! I love that everything is classic, romantic, and wild all at the same time, yet totally unified and cohesive in the arrangements. ugh. Perfection! I drool over this woman's work. She is a master at what she does {florist crush much}

Ok I am done gushing for today... p.s. do you have any idea how long it has been since I have received flowers? Too long dang it! Whats up with that ;)


  1. Ginger is seriously adorable, even if she gave you hell this weekend. I'm so glad you tried out a new cocktail, and beyond flattered that you were thinking of me-I like to think I make terrific drinkers out of everyone I know! And these weddings tidbits? I'm in love!

  2. So, you know how I normally feel about the canines, but by golly that dog is precious. Loving the Friends shoutout.

  3. Awwww Ginger reminds me of my dog Sugar. She passed away a couple months ago, I am really missing her tantrums. Anyhow, oooohhh that burnt orange button up top with the lace skirt is soooo cute!

  4. Oh man, I soo feel you about Grey's and getting emotionally involved. I can't help but watch a season in a sitting. It's that addicting to me!