Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tales of the Weekend

{please ignore the cheese smile}

Last night i went out with the Shark to dinner and a movie. A LATE dinner and movie.
Ok let me tell you the tales of my heart attack!

So I am driving over there, belting out a sick tune {the newest Carrie Underwood} when I hang a u-turn to park the correct way out side his house when my {automatic}car stalls! Just stops! My steering wheel locked up, I am rolling forward towards these small children who are NOT paying attention. So I SLAM as hard as I can (WITH BOTH FEET) on my brake and flip it into reverse. Then, somehow still having any momentum at all I start to back into someones yard! This is when I put my emergency break on and sit. Sit in freaked out "WHAT THE HELL just happened" silence.
 I tried to restart the car and got NOTHIN! Twice!! I am literally two houses down from his.
 I call him. No answer.
I call him again. No answer.
 I text him
I call trusty bff Underwood to help me think what my next step is. Finally we decide
One: I need to calm the f down.
Two: the car isn't going anywhere..anymore.
Three: go get the shark and see if he can help.

I clicked my way down the block to his house where he had just come outside and sees I am frazzled. He climbs in and starts it with no problem and pulls it into his driveway. He mixes me a slammin cranberry vodka and then we continue on with our night as planned.
 But Lordy!

Last Saturday this little guy and I {along with momma Underwood of course} went to party City to pick out birthday toys, treats, and themes. he picked a Pink cake and Dora. LOL We died. Then he settled on Toy Story and we bought it all and left the store before he changed him mind again. He is adorable.

{kind of a dark shot sorry}
yet another attempt at the "Bump" and to have better hair when I go out into public Saturday night...

yeah it ended up in a pony because it is hotter then blazes out here and my sista and I went to a bar/club that is inside/outside. yucko. sweaty-o
{also my butt looked GIANT in about three of the four pre shots!}

Sunday was my last day house/puppy sitting. So I spent the day cleaning up, and baking Welcome Home cupcakes in an attempt to decorate them like sunflowers.. mmmm not so sure how they turned out.. oh Well. They loved them and thats all that matters right :)

When we went out on Saturday night I decided to branch away from the normal beer I am usually seen slugging and try a Chocolate Martini. It was good! Strong but good!
 Then a bunch of dudes put their grubby little hands on it and I lost interest in the drink.

Yesterday I attempted some healthy blueberry and {my fav} blackberry bars.
Although they are very tasty, and I cut the sugar in it by about a fourth, they came out more of a crumble mess..and less like a bar... what can ya do right?

 I am sure I'll be trying this again.. after I eat the entire cake pan that it :) mmmmm cake.

All in all Ladies. I baked, cleaned, freaked and boogied down these last few days.. and each one of those days my hair has been done, make up on, and nails painted {no chips}
I'm feeling like a real big kid!


  1. You look so great-damn, girl! Glad Shark Date went well even if there was some crazy nonsense just before-any idea what the problem was?!

  2. thank you for your comment on my blog! That sounds super scary, reasons why I still can't drive number 1000, I'd be a mess! thank god momma underwood helped you out ;)

    that little guy is adorable with his dora and pink cake, I can't wait till my godson's 1st birthday in a few weeks!


  3. Great hairdo! Very Amy Winehouse! xo style, she wrote

  4. LOVE your rolling stones top :)

  5. Gah! Did you ever find out why your car did that? And what does Shark look like?