Friday, August 19, 2011

under the weather and dreaming

{oops not sure where!}
Ok let me just say that my my bestie, is the best. I have two besties I consider besties. And they really really are both so hilarious and supportive and fun and gorgeous and smart and generous. I love my besties!
I would also like to look fab in the back of a limo [more realistic-cab} and kinda mean mug a camera... oh yes.. this WILL happen! Mark my blogging words!

As of Monday night I came down with Strep throat.
{hence the sort of lamo post..sorry}
{this post is awesome}
After a $$ trip to the Urgent Care I am now properly hopped up on antibiotics AND some steroid medication.
These make me mucho hungry one second, and then have ZERO interest in food the next. It really is fun to order lunch just to throw it away.
Tonight is my date.. thingie with the Diamond Back at the blues bar. I am 70% Excited 20% Curious and about 10%Cautious. The perfect mix right? Cheers! More to come with details!
The ex is in town, and although I thought long and hard about meeting up with him to hang out and "..." I have about the same interest I did in my now trashed lunch. Ugh... no need to go there.. like ever again.. and also.. why am I still hanging onto a friendship?? Boy I really needed to have the little run in we did at work. (YEAH still comes into the place he used to work and stays for HOURS) Anyway.. it was less annoying this time, and more.. whatev I want to read my blogs.. shuush boy! I honestly sat there and carried on a pleasant enough conversation with him about.. who knows what the weather? School? Who cares.. and searched his face.. his voice.. something that would trigger that emotion. the emotion that sits in the pit of your stomach when you loved someone SO much and you see them again and it still manages to creep up and pinch!
 But not a feeling was stirring.. not even a mouse {I'm really excited for Christmas!}
So I cancelled those plans and didn't really make any new plans to see him before he goes. Why would I do a thing like that when I have Diamond back and the Shark?
Speaking of the Shark.. a few nights ago I went over there {looking like a bedmonster: which is a game I play with mamba where I hide in the blankets... you know what.. never mind. Just know I looked like hell.} We baked a cake for a coworker and watched a movie. Well he watched.. I mocked Keanu Reeves.. man .. I really cant stand him. He has zero expression people! How are you an actor with NO facial expressions??

To help me to get to sleep at night I have been playing a mixed little play list with your classic Enya songs, thunderstorm sounds, and "Down by the Riverside" by Agnes Obel.

I am not sure if you have listened to this song. But its sort of beautiful in a very haunting and whimsical creepy wise words way..

I find the above photo kind of wonderful

Who am I kidding I would love to have a cloak of butterflies!
 I think she is just beautiful, and the videos really match the day dreaming in my head when I listen to it. it makes me miss cooler summer nights, and talking long walks or bike rides in the park when it is just dusk and the sound track remains the same.. birds in the trees, bugs chirping.. but the birds song changes, and the bees hum switch to a crickets chime and you can get away with prancing around on the cool grass over to the water bare foot and a little muddy.

yeah.. I miss that.

This part of today's blog is called "But its on SALE!"
in my pledge to NOT spend money where it isn't paying down a ccard or into my savings for NYC, I am pained to see so many cute things on sale right now at VS.
So here, i give this tip to you!
 Right now at VS and in stores there is a mucho mucho sale!!

It isnt even so much that I want this top, its that my arms do

I have decided that past hairdressers be damed! {not really}
For New Years this year I am going BLOND!
Here is why:

reason one

reason two.

Here is the song for you to close your eyes, and drema up your perfect summer experiance while you have a lsiten:


  1. Oh darling, I'm so sorry-there's nothing worse than strep! It seems like you've had some wonderful distractions this week, and I hope you feel 100% after this weekend!

    xoxoxo, Lena

  2. Oh man I'm so sorry! (My whole system goes insane with antibiotics!). I would highly suggest some manuka honey - works wonders to ease the throat and also put some on your face (its antibacterial) so it will leave your face ultra soft!


  3. LOVE this post! seems like you are a gossip girl fan! i love blair waldorf.. me and my best friend are always referred to as serena and blair because of our attitudes :)

  4. You had strep? What?! So sorry! Well, I hope the date goes well. I say good riddance to the old and bring in the hot new.

  5. ugh sorry about the strep...and the x stopping by for so long at your work. i remember those days....everytime id see my x a huge knot would show up in my stomach. good idea to cut him totally loose i think--friendships are always so tricky otherwise.